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  2. Michael

    You are staff you should be reporting this to a manager or Miskie...
  3. MrFrisk

    Not an april fools joke, Mechz is just high. This is a legit bug
  4. Nine

    +support act like how you want your staff to act not like a child.
  5. Imagine having terrible staff for DRP

  6. Today
  7. IsThrill

    Later man, take care wherever you go
  8. Woona

  9. Lvl. 1 Crook

    + Overall Support (I'd say let's give you a try) -Nice guy/weeb -Seen him on a lot recently -Helpful to others - Support -Ban history -No staff experience -App needs work
  10. Jazen0115

    Hello everyone! 😂
  11. Alexx

    - Support today has been the only day I saw you
  12. Lvl. 1 Crook

    + Support As a Senior Mod, this is very unacceptable to RP and not handle the situations/chaos happening at spawn. I am also sure there were probably quite a few sits waiting to be taken during that time. Proof is good enough for me.
  13. Alexx

  14. xd lol

    -support -never saw u
  15. xd lol

    Thank you for your service in the community you were a kind guy i wish you good luck to the community you provided so much for exhibition and its quite sad to see somebody leaving this community we will keep your memories in the drp vault thank you.
  16. GhosTy

    the best manager left exhibition welcome friend!
  17. GimmeBooty

    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 you know what that means
  18. ArizonaTea

    Bye Michael see you around best manger of DRP sad to see you go
  19. Michael

    The first time I applied for staff I said I wanted to be a bigger part of the community and help out, never did I think or plan to be a manager. That being said I will be departing from my position as DRP Assistant Manager, it was fun and good experience that I absolutely loved maybe even one day I will even come back to staff. But as for now my reason for staying is gone. I like to staff with close friends and they were always there to push me to be my best as a manager, as they are gone their is no real point to staff. This server took up so much of my time as I was on the forums and discord every single day at school almost all the time, now that I am leaving I am not sure what I will do with all the free time. I loved this community, and I did my part to try and help. I made so much friends here which I can not thank @Miskie for provided me with a platform to do so. I should still be active and what not on the forums and in game, but you know. Life is life and it must go on. Thanks to all who gave me a chance! -Michael
  20. i am only in the mood for mexican food like 2 times a month if that. i eat them noodles any time of the day.
  21. Robert.

    bye gamer girll.. . oh wait you are a guy
  22. IsThrill

  23. IsThrill


    I do.
  24. Jazen0115


    YO who are the OGs that played this server over a year or two ago and remember the good ol days?
  25. Jazen0115

    +/- Support. + Good ol OG from years ago so he might know the server really well. - Be more active on the forums.
  26. Jazen0115

    Soft all the way! Hard shells are a bitch and will fall apart on you just like all my hopes and dreams, but soft stays together! And my dumbass will always stab the roof of my mouth...
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