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  2. crowbar

    there is no evidence lol -support
  3. Buttered Roll

    he is a true hero... ONE OF US! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!
  4. GB Nolan

    See you in two weeks -support
  5. Buttered Roll

    he banned for 2 days because he is a moderator and the ban was later extended on the discord by a higher-up rdm on your friends is still rdm please provide evidence of how your ban is false that counters anything already stated - support
  6. Buttered Roll

    use the format provide proof thanks!
  7. Synthwave

    why the fuck would you fucking do that shit eww
  8. Can I sell his foreskin?
  9. TickleHerGuts™ (Santiagho)

    Dibs on chewing it first
  10. Today
  11. crowbar

    -support No evidence means no proof that he wrongly jailed you
  12. Im gay new account

    This is false in so many ways. You are counting people ive killed while in PD roleplay which are valid kills. You are overlooking times during kills and making things up. This whole ban is ridiculous and honestly ill wait the 2 days but I couldn't even get evidence because of how fast you banned me without giving me a chance. Extending the ban is so pointless. And please prove the 18 kills. Because you are so wrong its not even funny and you are about to get my banned falsely extended just because you are staff
  13. Azrael

    #1 Stop arguing with other staff members in your ban appeal. #2 Kill logs were filled with you killing the same people over and over again. Might i add you never adverted a thing through your enter time playing. Regardless of whether they're your friends or not, all these kills are still RDM. This is because you didn't have an actual RP reason for killing them. EX. Raid, KOS line, MUG, ETC. All these things would be valid rp reasons. But instead you kept killing them over and over for no reason at all. #3 Kills logs show you rdming more than just your friends. There was many people who had nothing to do with your friends who were also caught in the crossfire. So, enjoy your ban. It will be extended by the end of the night Edit: You rdmed about 18 people in total. So that's a 2 week ban.
  14. Silk

    Format please.
  15. Silk

    if we could get some evidence, that would be great. - Support
  16. Silk

    This is for DarkRP my guy. Move this to the other section.
  17. sbank

    looks amazing
  18. .EZ

    Well then they need to be demoted. If you have more then 4 rdms regardless of if it's friends or not and a moderator catches you you're banned. @Voided Out lock this
  19. BigFoock1

    IGN (In-Game name): BigFoock1 Your SteamID? Ex. Steam_0:0:71487010: Banned by: LingLong Ban date, time & length: 7:40, 7/15/2019, 16 hours Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server): He said that I RDMed 20 people. Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for in logs!): I was banned because I was a Border Patrol Chief and I killed everyone crossing the border, in the fenced area not outside of it. Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied): There are BP that where doing it as well, doing their job.
  20. GimmeBooty

    You cant build during a raid
  21. Im gay new account

    99.9% of staff don't follow this because its ridiculous and you know it from 100% experience.
  22. Trippy Motion32

    well the rule is, you can be warned for a a jail, but you can't be warned for a ban, if you have had enough offenses for a ban, you MUST be banned
  23. Im gay new account

    epic gamer you are. 1. you don't think I deserve a warning? 2. No one was harmed at all in this other then 2 friends 3. I was 100% willing to stop with the warning. You cannot tell me that you haven't done this and had staff ban you. 4. Is it bad to have fun other then just rping? Just because he is staff doesn't mean that he knows, the logical thing for you and him to do would be wait until staff have responded I don't see how being staff qualifies for him to put a negative right away same with you but k
  24. Trippy Motion32

    please follow the format
  25. Yesterday
  26. Trippy Motion32

    for one he is staff for PRP and he knows what he is talking about, for two, it doesnt matter if you were RDMing friends, RDM is RDM, and you were banned for 2 days because a moderator banned you, and they can only ban for 2 days max, stay banned.
  27. Im gay new account

    how about you wait until the staff respond lmao. Big brain moment
  28. kyle jones

    when ask about something i was jailed for 5 min when I was just wanting to know why I was to delete something
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