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  2. Imagine someone "leaking" your IP

  3. Nota

    Glad you stuck around. You are one great friend!
  4. [BSL] Sgt.Sniper

    Yea I do have staff experience I can can get my old superior to clarify I have joined the discord and next time I will improve form thanks for the comments guys to help me out
  5. JumpinJackJake

    -Barley have seen you on -Bad app -Can't be on for very long -Has been punished +Staffing experience -/+ None Its going to be a -support from me chief Good Luck
  6. Talibar Jenkins

    - Support I've only seen you on a few times. Your paragraph is really weak. Got any evidence to back up your claims on previous staffing experience? You clearly didn't read the TOS because you don't have a poll.
  7. Slippy Slappy

    +Supports + Active ( Seen you in game multiple times. ) + Not really Mingy in game + No toxicity given when I seen him -Supports - Not Active on Forums and Discord - Need REP within the community - Messy Application - TOS was broken ( Need a poll ) - Needs to be more in the Paragraph ( Well, not really a paragraph of why should you be staff since there isn't enough sentences to be counted as one. ) Follow TOS Will Change if some of the - supports given are fixed, but for now: -Support
  8. Hollywoodhenry

    + REP - none +/- REP - short paragraph, barely seen this guy on the server and when hes online he casually minges - just say if your a user or not for the role - REP - I can't tell if hes lying about the mod experience and the application seems a bit sloppy but that's just my opinion Overall it's a +/- REP SUPPORT for me i'm not sure if your fit to be a staff in this server yet but who knows you might get accepted! I wish goodluck to you cya 👌
  9. Robert.

    Accepted User will be banned.
  10. [BSL] Sgt.Sniper

    Your Username: A: Sgt.Sniper Your SteamID? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010: A: STEAM_0:1:85385865 Your Discord Name and #: A: SgtSniper#9396 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A: Yes for Crossfires And Fail Rps Your Age: A: 15 9/29/04 Your Timezone: A: America/Chicago (UTC) Time Played: A: on Garrys Mod: 2432 hours , On Server: 81 hours Staffing Experience (Optional): A: Moderator,Super Admin,Superior Admin Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph): A: I Wish to help role player’s in this dark rp community, for a better role play experience in the server. I have experienced being a admin and know the labor it takes to do so and I’m willing to go the extra mile helping my community. I love my community and want to help it the best of my ability to do so. And I will do justice for the ones who deserve it , and punish those who do wrong and make sure the innocent receive the justice they require to be happy role players. Often i see people who do wrong and I wish to do help the community thrive and get rid of these people. I realize what it takes to become and be a excellent admin on several servers and I’m willing to take the chance to do everything it takes. How often can you be on the server?: A: Everyday for at least 2 to 4 hours or more Are you familiar with the rules?: A: Yes Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Yes Have you read the TOS? (here) Your application will be denied if you do not read these! : A: Yes I have What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, Exhibitionist, User) A: User getting VIP soon
  11. Michael

    Denied The staff member in question did nothing wrong. He was just trying to be nice to a new player.
  12. King Kohler IV

    A potato

  14. HundredBands

    We were just in a call with a bunch of people and I never advertised my app anywhere, I said "I'm going to check my app when we were talking about the staff meeting going on". When I state I'm checking my app, that doesn't mean i'm saying, "Hey, guys come check my app". Had no intentions to advertise, nor get any sort of negative attention.

    + Support +Active on Discord/Forums +Good Hours +Ex Staff +Seen in game +Dedicated as he wanted to watch how staff do their sits with others before he makes a staff application +/-Paragraph could more than what it is +/-Just came back -Has been punished before I have played with you for a while and i think you are staff material but you were a little mingy from what ive heard in the past. overall + support. good luck my man
  16. creli

    -support dont know you and i was in the discord and heard you advertise
  17. creli

    + support i see a staff member not wanting to go the full mile and make an extension smh
  18. discordlunaa

    The corsair I have must be dog shit because some of they keys get stuck/hard to press. Out of nowhere too, no spill or anything.. Really don't know what happened. How come? (and thank you for the post above, very detailed) Didn't notice whoopsie Ty jack I well check it out
  19. Yo soy Jack

    Okay the thing about drp; (dont cry) low player count, def pay to win with the custom classes, e2 is cool i guess, mbrp has most of the things that drp has now so... plust i like to be able to do a 360 degree turn and see somebody instead of seeing an empty street.
  20. Talibar Jenkins

    He aint wrong, but as a personal opinion, i'm gonna go with DRP.
  21. Buttered Roll

    these comments are literally just content count farming nice good work on the update though ig lol definitely not farming hahah jk
  22. Buttered Roll

    statistically it is mbrp due to player count always being quite high
  23. Buttered Roll

    I ain't gonna cap, I haven't watched any of the videos, but from the comments it seems as though the staff let a newer player off with a warning for a bannable offense. Though I am in favor of acting this way, not banning someone should only be done if the person affected (the victim in the sit) allows it / doesn't mind. In this case, crowbars clearly cares, so the staff should have made sure he didn't mind ahead of time. If you are going to bend the guidelines to not ban someone, which, again, is the right thing to do in some cases, you have to face the repercussions. + support
  24. Itzz Replayed

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