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  1. Today
  2. Rigbe

    +/- support seems like a good person but i almost had to jail you yesterday
  3. Vexyzs

    -Support -Follow tos
  4. Woona

    -support follow tos no poll not enough forum post account less than 24 hours old Format
  5. jakenchapman7

    Hello, I am applying for staff for MBRP Why I want it: I want to assist in the monitoring of the server, I like solving problems with these kinds of stuff What I will do for the server: I will be a great staff member, I am good at problem solving, I am often active Links to assure of trust: Overall lead of Luck Reserve
  6. Egg

    Wait when did you get demoted? - support From what im hearing you were pretty shit staff. And let people get away with a lot of shit
  7. GuIbrand

    who are you
  8. ThaT

    +support -good play time -active on forums -good application -prev staff experience
  9. Codsta04

    Yo is that Miskie?
  10. ImTheLetterE

    a lot of unnecessary things, like how many times you said you were an old player, your face, and the girl youre talking too face
  11. Astra

    its ass
  12. blac potat

    microbes are real

    hey whats up eazy, just stoppin in, plus this guy has a cool profile picture named after you
  14. Yesterday
  15. Bic Lighter

    Why the font so big you did that on mine too.
  16. DirtySock

    Death is hereditary.
  17. Codsta04

    Can I have one fortnite burger please.
  18. RaiensTs66

    +support good app good hours good guy -support been demoted overall +support give this man staff
  19. TropicalTGF

    your guys are sleeping on it
  20. Switch

    +Support A lot of hours ex staff -Support Demoted recently Has a mixed reputation in the community Immature Overall -Support Good luck
  21. Braeden

    Denied. Must have minimum of 1 day play time within DRP Reapply in one week
  22. ImTheLetterE

    - support ngl you were a shit staff you got demoted youre biased sometimes and arent very fit for staff in general
  23. Insert White Name

  24. Nir

    I'm pretty sure that's how it was intended
  25. Insert White Name

    +support cool guy -support demoted immature you were somewhat bias and let people get away with things that they shouldn't have so im gonna say -support for now
  26. Kermit Suicide

    all I see is facts, all my skill points are gone, my veteran ass got nothing now. Exhibition RP | DarkRP #2 | Was MBRP | We say, "NEED STAFF" but we dont mean it, when people apply we deny 6552 people, including someone who has applied 16 times over the span of 2 and a half years | Added new overhead gui that gives away your heath ^ they should change the server name to that
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