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  2. dog

    reading this gives me a headache
  3. Miskie

    This should be fixed, sorry for the inconvenience!
  4. Miskie

    All done
  5. NoFakeFRL

  6. NoFakeFRL

    Lmao who are you Shit app Bad rep among the community Argue on staff app -SUPPORT
  7. Trax

    Which server/platform are you having issues with? (Discord/Rust/MBRP/DRP/PRP) A: DRP In-game Name: A: my steam name is Trax but my rp name is jarritos Your SteamID? Example: STEAM_0:0:112233 (Click ME) A: STEAM_0:1:464217807 Rank purchased? A: no rank just e2 Proof of Purchase (Type !donate in-game and provide screenshots): A:
  8. NoFakeFRL

  9. NoFakeFRL

    Y'all mf weird fam
  10. Mark Stinnson

    Literally Just a day ban bro, like your probably unbanned as Im typing this out
  11. Today
  12. dog

    a ghost once shit in my pants but other then that no
  13. dog

    -support who? bad app not active
  14. dog

    dude it's 1 day you will be unbanned from waiting before this gets denied
  15. dog

    this is indeed darkrp
  16. Uh Oh Stinky Monkey

  17. Uh Oh Stinky Monkey

    dang what bout me :((
  18. Codsta04

  19. Phantom

    not mentioning me smh
  20. Cheef

  21. Cheef

    -support You broke the rules wait out the ban or buy a unban
  22. Cheef

    -Support Never seen in game shitty app not active on forums or discord
  23. CallMeLanden

  24. Codsta04

    Free the homie he ain't done nothing.
  25. xd lol

    free him
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