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  2. thorobred

    +support clear evidence of rdm and frp
  3. Your in-game name:Baarry Users IGN: flying gorrila Users SteamID:STEAM_0:1:147111049 Explain what happened: after setting up a weapon shop he started placing signs at my shop. i asked him to remove them wich he did. when i walked into the spawn he came after me and shot me Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.) Half_Life__Source_2019_09.15_-_15_03.17_03.DVR_Trim.mp4
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  5. drangia!

    1. Follow the format 2. We don't have fires on MBRP Locked.
  6. FireBarnacle

    I was falsly banned for "HACKING" because there was a person setting people on fire and launching them in the air using hacks, and everyone thought it was me because I have fire in my name and I was singing "Ring of Fire" as a JOKE, but they all accused me of hacking, but before I got banned I was saying I had proof that it wasn't me but the admin banned me anyway without letting me show it to him. I was also getting killed by the hacking too, and the admin could have checked logs to prove that. Before all this happened people were rdming me, and sticking me in props and the admins never did anything about that. There was a person named Freddy I think that was aim botting and doing all the stuff i was getting accused of doing but he was only kicked even though he did everything i was accused of. He was also creating alt accounts but didn't get in much trouble. Some did say they had proof, but the proof was, that people died next to me..... That was the entire thing, and it is really annoying that I am getting accused of these stupid things that I didn't do. Thank you for reading this, and hope you can deal with the people that are hacking and breaking the rules.
  7. floodedmarathonn

    Hey buddy, due to you being brand new, and some other factors, this is going to have to not happen for now, wait a few days, and get back to us with this with a high possibility of you being accepted, as long as issues aren't happening with you. DENIED (Do not reply to this post)
  8. Miskie

  9. floodedmarathonn

    -/+ support, did you take a screenshot of the proof from logs? (if that's what you were doing instead of just listening to them).
  10. Tho. Viq

    Sad Nigga Hours +1
  11. discordlunaa

    F He was a good staff member, friend, but most importantly, my husband
  12. Jshieb

    +support I'm really conflicted, as I know Jay to be a pretty responsible mod. Would like to hear his side, would appreciate more evidence from the people in the sit, otherwise this seemed like a rough gut call, and not the procedure.
  13. Central Intelligence Agency

    What is your in game name: OFC CIA 900 What is your current police rank: OFC How long have you been your current rank: I got my rank earlier today Why do you think you should be promoted: I want to become this rank because 1, I need more weapons and vehicles to be able to handle dangerous situations properly, 2 ive been playing for about 8 hours today as OFC and have a lot of arrests and tickets Have you been punished before: I have been punished once when I was playing as a millionare for failrpx1 for fighting back in a mug
  14. Yo soy Jack

    @drangia! @Copton Chill Original post edited
  15. Kudaa

    Denied. You may reapply in 1 week.
  16. Copton Chill

    Exactly , no proof is received by the admin.... No lmao that's not how it works in a sit, the dude isn't supposed to give proof that got accused... it's the people that reported him. The people giving proof arrests should be the one that reported him smhh my head @jay price
  17. drangia!

    In the video Jay doesn't ask for any proof from the people making a sit. How are we supposed to know he didn't just take their word for it
  18. Yo soy Jack

    As in it would be great to see him arresting them on the second floor of the WH, instead of just a vid of the sit.
  19. Copton Chill

    +support oooofffed Admin took hitmans and cops story without any proof. They have to give proof as they had called a sit. +Support for unban and report on Jay @Yo soy Jack wym 'video doesn't show proof on anything' ? You can literally see the admin improperly taking a sit and believing witnesses. That's exactly what the staff guideline says NOT TO DO.
  20. Yo soy Jack

    +/- Support - Would like to see Jay's repsonse - Would also like to see proof that OP is guilty - Not going to give final opinion
  21. IsThrill

    Moved to the correct location
  22. +support Never saw him do anything other than his duty to his country Good trainer, always helped me Need more mods like him imo.
  23. floodedmarathonn

    Hey bud, please follow the ban appeal format!
  24. seetoe

    IGN (In-Game name):seeto Your SteamID? Ex. Steam_0:0:71487010:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198955840427 Banned by:jay price Ban date, time & length: rda x 6 Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server):rda x 6 Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for in logs!):I was just normally rping as a cop when I see a group of people rush in the whitehouse and ignore the laws. They ran upto the office and was trying to raid. I arrested them and then went on to patrol around. I went to the bank and I saw a group of hobo raiding the bank in the vault and their cop friend helping them and npt shooting them. I arrested them as well and the cop called a sit on me and got me banned because i got his friends arrested. Admins just believed his story and not me being biased. I never rdaed and he lied and admin believd him so i think i should be unbaned. Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied): abuse ban.mp4 abuse ban.mp4 abuse ban.mp4
  25. drangia!

    +Support Ex senior admin Active Good guy and staff member
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