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  3. Freeze ツ

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  5. Dick McFrenchfry

  6. I just dropped a hundred shots im tryna make the news

    green and red beam on a glock but ill chase u too

    yea she had that pussy up for free but i raped her too

    beat the pussy up for 3 minutes yea i ate it too

  7. LlamaJuice42

  8. ThaT

    boarder is still shit on this map. Went up to a tree to get my gift. Received 1 "null" gift which was no where to be found in my inventory or !unbox menu. Fail
  9. Damplips

    Ho Ho Ho
  10. Perk

    nice jolly update
  11. Gus

    Very good got me bussing
  12. ba1tm8an7

    Big W Miskie
  13. Fuzed

    W miskie holy
  14. retro

    W Christmas Bundle
  15. Migos.

  16. Miskie

    MBRP Christmas Patch Notes 12/01/2022 Added Christmas map for all of December! Added a few Christmas trees around the map, you can collect rewards from them daily Added back the yearly advent calendar Added the Christmas jobs back Santa Elf Soldier Added new Timed Sale weapons for December Christmas Bundle Karambit | Galaxy

  17. image.thumb.png.f3c51929b61b02f04f2d9cbb4d839cd2.png

    back on da tarkov grind

    1. Perk


      we finna have to play some time fr

    2. LlamaJuice42


      hmu i got banned but i rebought it earlier td

    3. Perk


      lol i sold my account to a buddy for a 19 dollar fortnite card a while ago lol

  18. Perk


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    2. ba1tm8an7


      it still shows him as a mbrp smod on forums sad to see 


    3. Moon.


      yeah there isnt any rust forums roles yet :(

    4. ba1tm8an7


      oh hopefully one day it says rust ass man

  19. hello batman? can we both grind out our ranks together pretty pwease 👉👈

    1. ba1tm8an7


      yes we can fuzed im getting very close

  20. Says meow way to much. Confirmed furry



  21. +rep
    homie g is on par with the best base builders (or could be the best totally)
    wii enthusiast
    slayer of the p word
    cranks 90s like no other

  22. i hate this raccoon.
    bring back raccoon. the real one. the og mod for life.

    this one smells. he's a furry and a gay in real life.

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