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  2. What's the most money you've made on DarkRP in a day? Not including coinflips lol.
  3. Fake


  4. YeNan


    Hey I remember you
  5. SlimJesus12

    Yenan gang
  6. yo mama so fat

    m9k on top while using ms bases???
  7. OnGawd?

    +/- Support +Good Hours +Staff Exp. +/-N/A -Who are you -Not active on Forums -App could be better Overall: -Support
  8. My Rawr Kills Mice

    Tbh all gangs started cool and then turned gay so I can't say which one was best
  9. Yesterday
  10. My Rawr Kills Mice

    +support +good amount of staff experience +seems like a genuine guy. +seen you on quite a bit +/- support +/- N/A -support -paragraph is very short, lacks detail. -no forum/discord activity overall, +/- support i'd recommend getting to know the community a bit more, talking in chat, and being active on forums/discord.
  11. OnGawd?

    Very cool thank you soap
  12. What are you doing with your boys? @Bingus Gaming @Monke #monkegang
  13. CallMeLanden

  14. CallMeLanden

  15. Fake

    Hi, Welcome.
  16. Fake

  17. Hollow

    Club penguin
  18. Soap or Die

    Yeah it's bustin' on my block, you better hide Cuz I cool wit' killers, they ain't scared to die One-one call in the folks, they gon' ride Oh, you scared of death? Well, n bomb it's your time
  19. Soap or Die

    Right now Hot Dog Ni**az is the best, but back in 2019 Hitler Did Porn was the top gang
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