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  2. Bobbyjr

    I would have went to jail lol I would still done it
  3. Majistic

    -/+ Support People could just run in there to avoid rp although it can be useful
  4. New Lakers line up

    i am done with it i was just in the wrong server you can lock it very sorry for the time you wasted
  5. Majistic

    It should be like on the Trello
  6. Majistic

    @New Lakers line up Do you understand your donation issue? I will lock this if you are done with it.
  7. floodedmarathonn

    thats lit but did i ask
  8. New Lakers line up

    no im just very slow thank you for responding
  9. Majistic

    @creli Where is the paper of proof of this setup actually being yours ? For all we know this could be fake 🤔
  10. Calcium Helium

    Did you win of an event?
  11. Calcium Helium

    This is a known bug... most likely already on the truelo
  12. Majistic

    You bought exhibitionist on MBRP your proof shows nothing...
  13. IsThrill

    Hmm, never heard of this, but if this is a potential issue then it needs to be looked into.
  14. Calcium Helium

    big F
  15. i joined the game and didnt have my vip anymore
  16. Majistic


  17. Majistic

    Well damn isnt that a big rip
  18. IsThrill

    Depends on what server you ask for. If you're asking about drp then no, if you're asking about mbrp, prp then possibly. But I guess you're going to have to wait and see.
  19. IsThrill

    Oof getem
  20. Today
  21. Yo soy Jack

    Fr ^^^
  22. Yo soy Jack

    This has happened to alot of people and this should be fixed + Support
  23. Whenever i spawn into the server/respawn i am not given anything, no keys, inventory, donator weapons, class weapons, etc. Whenever i am given a weapon im able to use it. Edit: this is on darkrp
  24. Worlld

    $uicide Boy$ - any song Ski mask the slump god - really any song Young Thug - His newer songs Shit like that ^
  25. Worlld

    Next time just knock him out.
  26. Bobbyjr

    People keep dming me in dis and they say “ why have you not been on” well here’s how it stated I was going to a soccer game and I started this kid slammed in to me and got a yellow card he trued to slam in to me again “this kid is more white then paper” I retaliate by pushing him on the ground and kicked him 1 time I was sent out. I was ground for a few day that’s why I have not been on I should be able to play now but there’s the story
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