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  2. Mr.Mr

    how do I do the poll
  3. Basilisk

    -support never seen you on in game bad app not active on discord or forums also follow TOS you dont have a poll
  4. Mr.Mr

    Your Username: A: Mr.Mr / Habibi the warrior in the game Your SteamID: A: STEAM_0:1:163543820 Your Discord Name and #: A: Mr.Mr #8360 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A: Leaving in a admin sit I thought it was BS So I left It was a while ago Your Age: A: 15 your time zone Eastern Daylight Time Time Played: A: 130:27:13 Staffing Experience (Optional): A: no Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph): A: I always wanted to be a staff member. I play on the server a lot. I think I will be helpful to the community of MBRP. If people are new to the server sometimes I like to Give money or show them how to play the game. I just like being nice to new people On this server So that's why I want to be a staff member And I like the community . How often can you be on the server?: A: when I have free time I'm not going anywhere so a lot. Are you familiar with the rules?: A: yes Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: yes and that's okay Are you aware that you must be active on the discord/forums aswell as in-game to keep a staff position if you are accepted? (Recommended to be active on both before applying) A: yes What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User): A: VIP
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  6. Fat Mak

    +Support: -Great guy -Mature -Active throughout the night. -Doesn't cause problems/understands rules.
  7. Fat Mak

    +Support: -Cool guy. -Somewhat active. -Support: -Has caused problems in the past.
  8. Fat Mak

    +Support: -Friendly and cool guy -Mature -Understands rules -Active
  9. Kieserite

    +Support You have a great attitude and are always cheery Hours are good no outstanding issues and a clean record And to the other peopl supporting "I dont know who you are" is not valid, I dont know who half of the people who apply are but I dont hold that against them. I would rather not know someone than know them for the wrong reasons.
  10. Mr. T [LZS]

    +/- support I have seen you on a couple times app seems rushed not bad hours not active on forums/discord
  11. Robert.

    BMANS steam ID STEAM_0:0:196470793
  12. Kevroe43

    Which server/platform are you having issues with? (Discord/Rust/MBRP/DRP/PRP) A:mbrp In-game Name: A:Kevroe Your SteamID? A:STEAM_0:1:242529200 Rank purchased? A: perm barret Proof of Purchase (Type !donate in-game and provide screenshots): A: proof below What happened - was doing a cash trade with bmanwolfpack and when I checked out it went to my account instead of his could you please transfer the purchase to his account
  13. Kieserite

    -support - You Break NLR a lot and have been warned for it - You are a toxic player - I have more hours than you and I have been on the server for 2 weeks
  14. Zae

    +Support app constructed well and has recommends 10/10 Denied Do not apply again
  15. Basilisk


    wassup nota
  16. Mr. T [LZS]


    hi nota your a legend
  17. Kieserite

    Discredited- White theme
  18. Kieserite

    I posted this like 2 minutes ago, you are one hell of a fast reader my friend
  19. Chocobo

    - support this server isn’t new, its just down for a revamp. no idea who you are applications aren’t a joke this just seems like a giant joke application no activity in discord/ forums
  20. Kevroe43

    yeah I remade the post cause I didn't use the format
  21. Kieserite

    Your In-Game Username: A: Your SteamID: A:STEAM_0:1:502314212 Your Discord Name and #: A:Kieserite#8139 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, which server and why?: A: Yes, Jails and a few of them. MBRP. Your Age: A: 14 Your Timezone: A: GMT-5 Time Played on PoliceRP?: A: 0:00:00 Staffing Experience (Optional): A: Superior Servers (2019 summer) Moderator Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (Two Paragraphs = Eight Sentences) A: Here are my character traits. I am a Charasmatic, Practically retarded, No bias Idiot. I am incapable of feeling any emotion other than Sorrow and Excitement. I lack all empathy and look only at the facts of the mattter. I have NEVER once asked a child for foot pics. I have a strict code of ethics (For Staffing) . I enjoy Roleplay. I have balls so big they have to be carried in a wheel barrow. I also Believe in complete integrity and never letting a bias or a grudge affect the outcome of a situation. Due to my experience with superior servers I know how to show the slightest bit of empathy even though it makes me want to throw up. I am not afraid to tell miskie about staff malfeasance and I always have a replay buffer on to provide evidence, if this scares you because you break the rules as a staff member feel free to -support. I believe in a fair environment where the defendant is innocent until I check the logs and see the fact that he RDMd 5 people. My gang affiliation will not hold me back from making just and rational decisions on their punishments. I understand that I do not make the rules and I may not bend them to protect a friend. I understand that I am liable for an incorrect verdict. I understand that my only purpose is to judge and sentence. I understand that I can be terminated at any time for any malfeasance. I accept all terms that may come along with this position. I will take my role seriously and will become more active on the forums and discord. I am very happy with the addition of a PoliceRP server as I crave something from the same creators but with more RP oppurtunities and I would be ecstatic to be on the team, but I know for a fact that this App will be denied and that I will recieve a lot of -support. Do you have any recommendations from staff members? (You must provide a screenshot if you do) A: Totally LEGIT recommendations from staff that I've not sent nudes to https://imgur.com/a/0iBd8jT (I can not confirm nor deny the legitimacy of this image) How often can you be on the server each day?: A: I have no life, within 2 weeks of starting on MBRP I have 260 hours. I play 13 hours a day and I cry from the hours of 3-4 pm Are you familiar with the rules and understand them in their entirety?: A: Yes Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Completely, I jump on sits like it is a child running from mak's basement Have you read the TOS? (here) Your application will be denied if you do not read these!: A: Yes
  22. {Rees} - Nova Prospekt

  23. mschaat2005

    + Support - Your a fun guy - I have seen you on - Good hours
  24. George Sr Nicker

    Might as well post proof of purchase now so Dylan doesn’t have to ask later. I think its /donate / !donate in-game.
  25. Fat Mak


  26. bman


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