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  5. Chubby Hoes

    gucci gang
  6. Vistanation

    Thank you Kanye, very cool.
  7. 1v1 spin bot

  8. IsThrill

    Good work.
  9. Yumi

  10. Ryan ツ

    Nice update
  11. 𝙆𝙖𝙯𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠

  12. SwineLord

  13. Gecko

    Gamer update miskie
  14. findog ツ

  15. Miskie

    [DRP] Fixed a bug allowing players to drop weapons they spawn with You can now lockpick fading doors You can now only have a max of 8 keypads Removed the xp books from the f4 menu Increased the amount of players that can be Bitcoin Miner to 7 Increased the amount of players that can be Master Criminal to 6 You can no longer pickpocket players physgun Made it so less cops have to be online to rob the store You can now buy 3 vip tanks and 3 fuel lines Hopefully fixed a bug causing players to not be able to buy more than 1 gun from a weapon shelf Increased the amount of players that can be sonic to 3 Slightly buffed weed sell price Decreased the price of items in the candy shop Increased the max price you can make weapons/entities on the weapon shelves Removed the luger from Nazi Removed the Sig Sauer from Jew Hitler can now buy shipments of lugers to supply the Nazis Jew Leader can now buy shipments of Sig Sauer to supply the Jews You can no longer pickpocket the stun gun Fixed an error in rprotect Fixed an error in motd causing players to not beable to see the hud Fixed Kidnap logs [For Staff] Fixed Pickpocket logs [For Staff] Made sit request system more tolerable for staff Credit Store Changes: Added a few more packages to credits: Permanent Harpoon Permanent Damascus Sword Permanent Machete Permanent M9K Knife Permanent Crossbow Ammo Fixed printer event in credit store Fixed the printer event price Fixed addcredits bug Fixed weapons not being given on job change for perm weapons in credits E2 Changes: Removed WebAudio as it wasn't working at all Added back StreamCore Added WireSpawn Core
  16. Last week
  17. @Gecko brown is sus?

    1. sad memes

      sad memes

      boo 0/10 made  a stinky 

  18. follow me 

    1. sad memes

      sad memes

      If they are not they would not see this

  19. @Maze Unban him

    It was king crab

    Robot rock

    1. sad memes

      sad memes

      Come on, the show is not that good!

    2. Soap or Die

      Soap or Die

      Dude it's not cool to hate dude this isn't the offspring.

  20. He never got unrestricted this is so sad

  21. you ever coming back bro ?

  22. my ex wife miss you bro 

  23. miss you bro :( , always be remembered as the best monke to ever be on exhibition , hope oneday you get unbanned #sad

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