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  2. Ching chong the chill

    Hewo UWU
  3. GhosTy

    you can be the biggest minge on the server but also make a good app +/-Support be more active on other platforms so people get know to you
  4. IWillGetYourM

    I won't +Support someone that i've never saw in game / forum or discord. My man legit have only 5 post on his forum. That's why I -Support him.
  5. IWillGetYourM

    Sup !
  6. ksoda

    I agree @Jr_Moon with the game time part but he has good game time, discord and forums are definitely something he should improve but they're not a serious issue imo and are easy to work on, I don't think it would currently impact his staffing capabilities. Just wanted to point out his strengths rather than have someone -support and say they don't know him when they haven't been active in awhile.
  7. Jr_Moon

    you can make a darn good app but if your not seen in game/discord/or on the forums it doesnt matter
  8. Jr_Moon

    ya that sorry getting it messed up with forum color coding
  9. ksoda

    I don't think you read his app honestly, he made a decent app and you pretty much just gave him -support just cause you don't know him
  10. Voided Out

  11. SteggoEggo

    I was playing the hunger games event last night and before it had started, some guys from the team next to me and my friends had shot at us and put me at 8 health. I saw one admin go up to them and do nothing. I tried to type in chat "go to 9" multiple times so they could see and try to use voice chat for assistance but literally out of the 5 admins that were flying around, NONE helped. So when the match started, I tried to take matters into my own hands and pulled out a gun from my inventory right when I got to the line and shot at them. Then an admin went to me and banned me for a day for EVENT MINGING? That doesn't make sense when the other guys clearly cheated and I tried to take matters into my own hands when no one else would help.
  12. IWillGetYourM

    Who are you ? no forum/discord activity app seems rushed paragraph is trash overall, -Support.
  13. IWillGetYourM

    No forum activity no discord activity got punished who are you overall -Support sorry fam.
  14. IWillGetYourM

    +Support Good playtime Staff Exp Good paragraph cool guy GOOD LUCK !
  15. Buttered Roll


  16. Buttered Roll

    + See you in game a lot + Good playtime and insane availability + Mature / not a minge + / - Has been punished but seems to have learned - Lack of forum actibity Overall, + support from me... Good luck!
  17. Buttered Roll

  18. Buttered Roll

    Well it's not going to be the grenade launcher ammo, so if you buy every single ammo and see which one increases the count, then you will know. That shouldn't be too expensive either...
  19. Brand

    Denied Due to lack of evidence
  20. GhosTy

    Imagine having to go to school
  21. drangia!

    I checked kill logs, damage logs, job logs, chat logs, every log that would help me out in the situation. You were killing a bunch of people in a span of 2-3 minutes. The people who you were killing were not sewer monsters. You never adverted anything. After killing 20 people you immediately disconnected. Most of the times you started doing damage first ( I excluded the kills where damage was done to you first)
  22. Xeno

    To put it short University gets you to have a higher degree such as a masters.
  23. Benton

    Were you one of the people at the border mass RDMing border patrol?
  24. TyerIsTop

    Useful response.
  25. Prick

    whats the difference?
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