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  5. hello mr general manager hollow , i would like to ask when is my promotion to assistant manager or head admin on MBRP?. please read this and consider my message "worthy" thank you :) 

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    2. General Manager Hollow

      General Manager Hollow

      Hello @SaintG4Life you unfortunately will not be promoted to assistant manager because you must completely give up your soul to miskie 


      as for head admin unfortunately you will have to slave your life away taking sits.


      but now next meeting you aren’t getting promoted for asking. 

    3. SaintG4Life


      FUCK you manager give promotion or boy kisser 445

    4. findog ツ
  6. @everyone new fortnite clan war YMC v Devils tonight at 6430i93489u3498549e684359438643690348594035hubrjnfdbhufdj dfsu7y435u809t43789 o clock

    1. 𝙆𝙖𝙯𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠


      It will even be streamed on RIPS youtube channel

  7. when are you re applying as staff man cmon i need you on the team home dog 

    1. 𝙆𝙖𝙯𝙡𝙞𝙘𝙠


      Idk man it feels pointless since I always get denied. But it would be fun to staff With you tho. I will probaly reapply soon or later.

    2. SaintG4Life


      ye man you a god bro 

  8. @Yumi since you are a simp I think you need To take notes from Cosmo 


    1. sad memes
    2. SaintG4Life


      +1 yumi is a simp 

      -1 sad memes replyed on it 

  9. chowing down on slugs

  10. *11 me when you lose. 

































    Looks like I am making my final return.

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  12. you like boys 

  13. In my opinion the coin flip system is being abused and is getting less and less fun I honestly think we should implement a black list system in the coin flip to make it more fair and private it shouldn't be that you are forced to coin flip with someone that knows they are at 8 losses like wtf.

  14. sad memes got called to my base for having to many fading doors ill admit I had 4 it was not purposeful. He could have warned me for it and had me change my base due to it being my first offence, but he pinned me and my base mates to a wall and let the people who called rdm us during a sit. He brought us back and threaten to ban us and would not say what for till I threatened to post to forms about it. After I said this to him he unfroze us and flew away. Why is a child a mod on this server? Why is he allowed to abuse the players? Please I beg of you demote sad memes if he keeps doing this. This is just one of many times Sad memes has done things like this.

    1. JoBro2003


      he also was telling to to del props that were not mine and blaming me for them, I told him the prop owners name and he did not call them he just get pissed


  15. -support

    is a british “person”

    demote him!

    1. findog ツ

      findog ツ

      dude be nice


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