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    MBRP 1/28/2023 Patch Notes Moonshine has been buffed now granting a minimum of $35,000 per jar from $25,000 minimum to a maximum of $70,000 from $40,000. Prices now adjust every 5 minutes from 10 minutes. M16-A4 ACOG has been buffed, Fire rate has been increased to 800 rounds per minute from 750 rounds per minute. Base damage per bullet has been increased to 35 from 30. Ares Strike has been buffed, Base damage per bullet has been increased to 37 from 30. Bank Vault has been buffed. Max money bags has been increased to 10 from 8, Starting money bags has been increased to 5 from 4. A new bag is now added every 60 seconds from 120 seconds. Raid cooldown has been decreased to 15 minutes from 20 minutes. Floor vault now adds bags every 60 seconds to match the regular vault. Bag values have been increased to $100,000 minimum from $50,000 and a maximum of $175,000 from $100,000. Bank Managers and Bank Guards are now considered enforcement to allow players to raid the bank rather than waiting on the correct amount of police.( police are still required but not as many now ) Mercenary’s tags have been adjusted and can now base. Mercenary weapons have been changed Mercenaries can now purchase shipments of SVUs if they need them. Mercenary armor is now base 100 from 50. Pro Medic can now assist in raids Pro medic now spawns with 100 health and 100 armor. Respirators now have a max of 5 that can be spawned from 1. Fruit Slicer theme has been changed to California from India. Fruit Slicer can now sell smoothies for up to $150,000 from $100,000 Fruit smoothies can now grant up to a maximum of 300 health from 200 health. All smoothie boosts have been buffed ( you will have to buy them to see what has changed ) Sewer Monsters have all had their health increased greatly each a higher value than the previous job, Sewer Monster King having the high health and armor.
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