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    [DRP] Increased the max inventory stack size from 25 to 50 K9 now has access to pd doors Fixed harpoons being able to go through props Fixed Exhibitionist prop count showing the wrong number Bank Manager now spawns with a weapon license Added basing tag to Retro Miner Added the raid and steal tag to Pro Bitcoin Miner Buffed the amount of money Retro Mining makes Added back Pissed Baby Added back pissed baby rules here Slightly increased the inventory space you get as donator Staff now have access to 6 printer slots Changed the colors of the Holiday vape as it is no longer Halloween The blowtorch should no longer be an error for everyone Players now drop $750 on death Added "AOS Past 2nd door of PD." to the default laws again Fixed the bugged max member upgrade Also added more member upgrades for higher tier gangs that need it The Top Hat is now Admin+ Increased the prop limit for all staff Disabled to color alpha limiter for now (Will be back if it starts getting abused) [MBRP] Disabled to color alpha limiter for now (Will be back if it starts getting abused)
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    Shoutout to my homies. @YeNan @Maze @drangia! @Azrael - Android Owner @Calcium Helium @Bic Lighter @Mark Stinnson @ChabulaChoo @DongoHasSpoken @General Manager Hollow @Yo soy Jack @Nota @teh epic frog Rats will always lose in the end.
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    I’m disappointed with this change
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    [DRP] Added a salary buff in off hours This means 12am-7am you will be given x2 salary [MBRP] Added a salary buff in off hours This means 12am-7am you will be given x2 salary People in Mexico nationality now just 50% higher
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    migos just called me the n word then rdmed me then rdked me then mass rdmed then unbanned miskie like wtf
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    -rep gives really good sloppy toppy 10/10 the lisp gives good texture when hes gagging
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    God Damn i need some rep!!! 😪
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    Ayyy welcome back buddy
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    @sad memesyou need to get a hobby bro maybe pick up playing guitar instead of making tutorials on a gmod server.
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    when @Basilisk accepts a staff app that didn't follow TOS lmfao
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    Who is this "maze" character?
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    This is the funniest shit lmfao.
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    *Edited The bumping whitelist no longer exists because it was a pretty bad idea looking back on it.
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    Exhibition DarkRP Rules General Rules Use common sense. Excessive racism and bigotry is not allowed. If there is a job-specific rule category for a job, the rules for jobs prioritize other rules. Any form of baiting players to break the rules will result in a jail/ban. Staff is here to help. If there is no rule listed or its specifications, Staff may tell you what is and isn't allowed. Spamming of any kind is not allowed. Do not disconnect, suicide, change jobs, change names to get out of a roleplay/staff situation. This will result in a harsher or additional punishment. Scamming is not allowed. ExhibitionRP is not responsible for any issues with real currency for in-game currency transactions. Breaking your hitbox in any way is not allowed. The only real-life transaction allowed is in-game items for store purchases (Ex: Money for ranks, etc.) Under no circumstance, you may not harass players. This includes but is not limited to systematic targeting for raids/mugs/terrors/etc and verbal/text abuse. Abuse of props to minge/block of entities or players & any other malicious ways is not allowed Use of third-party software such as auto clickers and altered clients to gain an advantage is not allowed RP Rules Do not break Mayor's Grace. Mayor's Grace is a 10 minute period that starts when the mayor is first elected, during this period of time you may not harm the PD or the mayor. (You may kill/damage the mayor if he shoots you first) Do not mug/kidnap/kill AFK miners in the mining area. Do not use props to float or fly to a higher point on the map. (Prop surfing) Spawn is only on the sidewalk where you have spawn protection meaning you may not RP in that zone. You may KOS (Kill on Sight) anyone on your property without prior warning or KOS sign. (The word property refers only to the area within your base.) All raidables need to have a clear way to be accessed. You should be able to access all raidables without using the helium vape, grappler, etc… You may NOT kidnap players to throw them into the sewers or areas that they can't get out of. You may not purposely get players stuck by placing them into walls. Do not break NLR, Only applies to Raids, Territory Takeover, and Kidnappings. NLR Definition : You may not return to a rp situation in which you have been killed You may only demote for RP reasons. (You may not use the /demote command when Staff are online) You may not destroy other player's entities without a valid reason. (i.e. raiding or stealing) You cannot pickpocket afks or people in spawn You are kos to everyone when you are pickpocketing Using the grapple hook on players makes you kos Grappling staff in adminmode and players in spawn is fail rp Using the climb swep on a players makes you kos Slapping someone with the slapper swep makes you kos Government may not random weapon check players Throwing raidables/entities out of the map boundaries on purpose is not allowed You may not using fading door binds during rp situations Basing Guidelines Where you may base Inside buildings behind ownable world doors (backyard/parking lot/courtyard included if there is one) Inside tunnels as long as it does not block any entities and allows people to pass through without obstruction (kos zone, prop obstruction, movement constriction, etc) You may build up to the sidewalk or in the parking lot attached to said building (that you own) as long as it doesn't block any entities On roofs as long it does not block any entities and you own the roof. If roof doesn't have building under it you can still build there. On islands as long it does not block any entities and allows people to pass without obstruction (kos zone, prop obstruction, movement constriction, etc) Inside the sewers as long as it doesn't restrict the flow of movement(horizontal and vertical) of the sewers. Nor does it effect sewer dwellers spawn points. Only government may build in the pd, the mayor gets the authority to tell police to remove their builds if he wishes. How/What you may build In order to be part of a base you must either be attached to the front world door or in the party of the base owner, You must also own the door/be in a party to defend said base in a raid & enforce kos rules. You may not build during rp situations such as raids/kidnaps/mugs/etc & you may not build in other peoples bases. Bases must have a clear way in and out of the base. Bases may not be mazes, zig zag, blackout (all one single color and hard to navigate), force a player to crouch/jump, or epileptic. Bases may only have 3 turns built into with props. Turns due to how the map is made do not count. Bases may not have fading doors on or at the end of ladder. (You may not force someone to lockpick while on a ladder) Bases may not restrict in a players movement in any way such as: Slippery floors, hard to enter entrances (and exits), & force a player to take damage. Bases may not have ladders/ramps in their kill tunnels/boxes. You must be able to fit 3 people without colliding in-between fading doors. Bases may have a max of 3 normal fading doors & two windows. The bank/pd may have 4 normal doors. Keypads must last for a minimum of 5 seconds. One way shooting (where you can shoot a player but they cant shoot back) is not allowed. One way viewing props and shooting through them is allowed. No collided props ontop of fading doors are not allowed nor are no collided bullet proof props. No collided props that stack together to be bullet proof are not allowed You may not have invisible props The minimum size for a fading door is the surface area of a "models/hunter/blocks/cube05x05x05.mdl" Ultra skinny or props made difficult to lockpick are not allowed. You must be able to lockpick and keypad crack through an entire base. You can put down a building sign to not be raided however you cannot have raidables with those signs. You cannot propblock off your entities You cannot have a base designed to get players stuck , if a player gets stuck in your base you must either kill them or let them out aslong as its not a raid/kidnap. Freezing props into players or purposefully closing a fading door on them is not allowed KOS Signs If your base is behind a ownable world door then you may kos anyone not on said door once they pass it & aslong as they are in said base. If your base does not have a ownable world door you must have a minimum size 50 text screen that is easy to see that states They may be kos if they are in/on your property. EX: Kos on ramp / Kos inside If you are a casino manager/hotel manager/dealer you may not kos players in areas which you sell your product that are actively buying said product/leaving with said product. Adverts/Cooldowns/Organizations (Parties) You may Advert "Party Raid" to have all eligible members of your party raid together. Adverts may not be black or white. (Adverts must be distinct and noticeable) Universal binds are not allowed! (Multiple different adverts in one) If you are in a party you may defend your party members if they are damaged, being kidnapped, mugged, or killed. (Damage must be done first) Adverts You must advert "RAID" before raiding a home. You must wait FIVE MINUTES before doing another raid. 10 MINUTES for the same home. You are required to advert OVER after completing any advert. (This include: "OVER") Raids may not exceed ten minutes. Raids must be adverted outside homes. You may not raid hobos. You must advert "BANK RAID" before raiding the bank. You must advert "PD RAID" before raiding the PD. You must advert "STORE RAID" before raiding the general store. You many only advert ASSIST to help somone else who is raiding. You do not have to advert over in an assist if the person who calls the raid dies however you must call it over once the max raid time has been achieved. ----------------------------- You must advert "MUG" within your advert. You must specify what you want from the victim within your advert. You must give the victim 10 seconds before you can shoot them. Mugging amounts cannot exceed $15,000. FearRP applies in all muggings. You may refuse to drop money but maybe killed for refusing. ----------------------------- You may only STEAL once per five minutes. (YOU MUST ADVERT STEAL) ----------------------------- You may only counter crimes (Raiding, Mugging, Kidnapping, Stealing, etc.) (YOU MUST ADVERT COUNTER) ----------------------------- You may Warn players to step away from you if they are following you, trying to disturb you, or on the property you or your party members own. You must advert "WARN" three times before acting upon your warning. You must wait 3 seconds between each of your warns. You must advert "KIDNAP" before knocking out your victim. You must wait 15 .MINUTES on the same player and 10 MINUTES for different people Using the baton or restraints counts as kidnapping. You may only take a maximum of $50,000 from your victim, in order to release them. You may only keep your kidnapped victim for a maximum of 5 mins. ----------------------------- You must advert "Kill me" if you want a player to kill you. Attempting to bait players that do not know this rule into killing you is not allowed. Cooldowns: You must wait 5 minutes between raiding bases and 15 minutes to raid the same base. (Applies to Bank, PD, & Store) You must wait 10 minutes between mugging players and 20 minutes to mug the same player. You must wait 5 minutes between kidnapping players and 20 minutes to kidnap the same player. There is a 10 minute cooldown for Terror & 5 minutes for "The Peace is Over" Expression 2 Rules: E2s/Holograms must be placed on your property. (Hobos, Dealers, and are the only classes that may place them in public) E2s which automate money making or assist in the process in any way are not allowed (Gambling e2s are permitted as long as they follow the normal gambling e2 rules) You may use E2 to block base entrances/exits with holograms or EGP screens. So long as it follows the basing guidelines, and there is still a viable entrance to your base. You may not use E2 to edit/change the appearance of any weapon/ yourself. You may not use E2s that show, reveal, or record player chat or player location. (Unless being E2 is for TTS/Pets) You may only use E2 on Go-Karts/Vehicles if they are playing music and the Go-Kart/Vehicle is completely stationary! You may not use E2s/E2 holograms that blind, follow, or target other players. Gambling E2s must publicly displayed the odds of winning near machine. Gambling E2s that are rigged / fraudulent will result in a week ban and removal of e2. You may not use auto-collector E2s or any form of wire mod on anything that will give money (printer/bitcoin/etc). You may not use E2s that move props. (Elevators, Sliding Doors, Hoverboards, etc.) You may not play ear rape through any music e2. When using an E2 to play music, it must be stationary. (Do not pick up and chase players with your music E2) You may not use E2 to create excessively bright/blinding areas. (Ex. Excessive use of Light Function) You may not use E2 to teleport any entity to you or another player. However, using E2 to teleport shipments from your base to a specific sale position is OK, as long as you are a dealer *Ex. A Vending Machine Gunshop*. You may not use the E2 Money Request function to trick players into paying you any amount of money that wasn't agreed to. (Ex. Randomly sending people money requests for 1 mil or making your donation screen display one amount but actually request another) You may not use E2 to give yourself powers not bestowed upon you by your current rank. (ex. Noclip, teleportation, god mode, etc.) You may not use E2 to troll or ruin the RP experience of any player. (Zero Tolerance!) If a staff member requests you to remove an E2, you must remove it. (if you believe your E2 is completely legal and you were asked to remove it falsely, remove it and contact a higher up for approval to use it) You may not use E2 to spawn a ragdoll/use a hologram to spawn a ragdoll. You may not ragdoll a hologram with E2. You may use E2 to change your Go-Kart/vehicle appearance, however, it may only be done with Holograms (NO PROPS) and the final product must be no larger than the original vehicle's size (Within reason). A vehicle must NOT flash or make any noise that isn't part of the vehicle by default, When changing the appearance of a vehicle it must be easy to quickly distinguish that is a vehicle. (Ex, Can't just put random holograms on an invisible Go-Kart. It must still be easy to look at and say, ''yes that's a car''). You may not change your player model appearance using e2. E2 Keypads are no longer allowed. ( Please use the new Unisec keypads ) Smart opener E2s ( E2 that opens fading doors for yourself or your party members when near it ) must be open for 5 seconds. E2 Alarms are allowed once again but on the condition that they don't make any noise. All E2 code must be not encrypted / protected (Accessible to be read). Government Official Rules: Government officials are only allowed to base in the PD. You must have a warrant to search a residence. You may only weapon check a player if they are entering the pd or going though a toll booth You must do /advert Police Raid when conducting a raid. Government officials may not hire personal guards/medics/citizens and etc to guard the PD/etc. Government officials may defend each other if the other is being shot. (Do not need to be in a party to protect other police officers) Government Officials may only party with other government officials. Government officials may not take over or participate in gang territory takeovers. CP may arrest anyone at any time (even with no mayor) if they see illegal activities. Any members of PD may block off the entrance/exit from sewers connected to PD. You may not unarrest anyone unless told by/are the mayor. If there is no mayor present, then you may unarrest anyone you like You can NOT restrict the weapon usage of a citizen with a gun license. You must try to arrest before killing anybody. This includes but is not limited to CP Raids. You may possess illegal items/Go corrupt. When doing so, you must make a law saying, “Government has gone corrupt.” Checkpoints/Tolls are allowed so long as people can get through (Max toll needs to be 15k MAX) Hobos may not be arrested during lock downs Gang Territories Territories are not bases; they should not have raidables, fading doors or one-way props. However, health printers and RP props are allowed. Props may not cover any entities inside the territory. If you own a territory you must put a max size white sign up that states "KOS INSIDE TERRITORY" to KOS non gang members in your territory ----------- You must advert when taking over a territory. "/advert [gang name] takes [territory name]" In order to counter a takeover you must advert "counter" to kos anyone taking it over. Territory Adverts may not have any color or Extra text attached to it. When taking over, anyone inside the territory is KOS. You must be within render of the territory when calling the takeover & countering said territory. You must wait 5 minutes before claiming another territory. A takeover may last for a maximum of 8 minutes. If the person who adverts the takeover dies then it has failed and capture efforts must cease A party member may not defend you in a takeover, all members opposing a takeover must advert counter, and all members taking a territory must advert assist. You may not takeover/counter territories from inside a base Government may not participate in territories ------- Territory boundaries are defined by lines/pads/natural boundaries, going past/on these can allow owners of the territory to kos you (if they have a sign) & people taking the territory to kos you. Running in and out of territories does not give you protection from being kos Island: The island Ocean dock: Blue lining and fencing along dock Inner Sewer: Green line and fencing Back alley 1 & 2: Yellow lining & fencing. Plaza: Red lining & fencing Train Track: Red lining Playground: The play ground Cinema/TV Rules/Picture Frames: X-Rated content is not allowed to be played / shown anywhere. (This includes nudity, porn, etc.) Playing any form of realistic human or animal death/killing in the cinema or on your TV is an automatic ban. Job Rules Alien: Aliens are KOS to everyone at all times. You may only party with other aliens. Aliens must advert "THE PEACE IS OVER" before going on a killing spree. You must wait five minutes once you die. You may only use the weapon you spawn with. (Alien repeater) Mob boss/Hitman: Hitman may only raid to complete a hit. (Mob boss can raid anytime) You may not mug as a Hitman. Gangster: You must follow the mob boss's orders. Gang Members: Bloods and Crips are enemies & Jews and Nazi's are enemies. Enemy Gang leader may advert asking each other if they wish to have a "gang war". If they both agree then both gangs may kos each other for 5 minutes. With a cooldown of ten minutes Having a new leader ask to have a gang war by switching jobs is not allowed You may not "spawn camp" during a gang war Bank Manager Rules: You may build in the bank, but the vault must be accessible at all times. You may only KOS if players are past the second door. You may not allow people to rob the bank. You are allowed to legaly store printers in the bank, max you may charge is 75k deposit fee You may not be corrupt & allow players (that aren't gov) into the vault. You may not kos police in your vault (as long as they aren't breaking rules) Bank Guard: You must listen to your manager at all times. You must have the bank manager's approval to build in the bank. You may only KOS if players are PAST the SECOND door. You may not be corrupt & allow players (that aren't gov) into the vault. You may not kos police in your vault (as long as they aren't breaking rules) Dealers: You may only self-supply to provide a way to defend yourself. You must actively sell products. You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc. The Supplier is the only dealer that may self-supply and raid, mug, kidnap, etc. You must have a KOS sign stating your reasons for KOS. Hobo: You may play music through your mic for tips. (You may not play ear rape) You may not carry out anything larger than a pistol. (the hand raygun count as a pistol) *** You may not own/store any valuables of any kind. Props may not block NPCs, doorways, entrances to bases, etc. You may not place your props near anyone's property. (This is to keep noise level down from others basing) Your buildings may not have fading doors. Hotel Manager: You may only sell/rent one room out per player. You may not claim the hotel to yourself. You must be actively selling rooms. (You must actually RP as the Hotel Manager) You must have a KOS sign stating restrictions. You may charge up to a maximum of $200,000 per room. Casino Manager: Your casino must be open to everybody. You may not KOS without a sign stating reasons to KOS. Casino managers cannot place their machines in public. This includes roads, sidewalks, rooftops, etc. You may have a VIP section of your casino. However, you must have 3 slot machines available to the public at no charge. You can only charge a max fee of 75k to enter your VIP section. You may not have/store raidables in the casino. Mayor: You may only base in the PD. You may have checkpoints in the PD to check for illegal items/weapons. You may call for PD backup during a PD raid if you are still alive. CP may return to an area after being called for backup only once. Laws may not conflict with server rules. Bail may only be up to $100,000. You may not make KOS laws. You may not fire/ demote any PD for no reason/there must be a valid RP reason to fire someone. You may not make laws that restrict movement (No J-Walking, Crouching is AOS, etc.) You may not make any laws that restrict speech & appearance. You may not make laws that target specific players/jobs. You may only call a lockdown for public safety (Terrors and Alien invasions). You can not call lockdowns for PD raids. Lockdowns may only last for 5 minutes You may not remove someone's license unless stated in the law how they would get it removed. You must let every police officer access the integrity of the PD. You may only restrict police officer's access to your office/vault. (You need to give the codes/create a party if you build past the second door) Pet: You may not own any sort of weapon. You follow around and obey your owner. Terrorists: You must advert "TERROR" before attacking the town. You may only kill for TWENTY SECONDS. You must wait 15 minutes between terror adverts. If there is a Terrorist Leader, you must listen to his commands. You may only use the c4 during terrors. You may only base/party with other terrorists. Magician: You may not use the disguise swep to glitch into other people's bases. You may not use/own bases. You may not use the disguise swep during a sit. Magicians may not participate in gang takeovers or counter crimes. Skeleton Dweller You may kos any non-dwellers in the sewers. You may not use guns. City Worker City worker may build up to jobs if the situation requires it aslong as no ones base is effected by said build City worker must delete their build up to the job once said job is over Abusing the build up rule to a job to disadvantage players on purpose is not allowedSo Sonic May not use guns Pissed Baby Pissed Baby's must advert "IM PISSED" before going on a killing spree. You must wait ten minutes once you die. You may only use the weapon you spawn with. (The Crowbar) You may only go on a killing spree for 5 minutes SIT RULES: Do not leave the SIT until it has concluded. Do not go AFK in the sit. Do not spam in any way. The staff member may ask you to cease communications or actions and if you do not, You may be muted, gagged, jailed, or frozen. Do not disrespect Staff during the SIT. We are here to help you and protect the server. Do not argue Staff decisions in-game. If you have an issue with a Staff member's decision, take it to the forums. Do not spawn props/entities during a SIT. Do not RP in a sit. Event Weapons / Entities / Vehicles Blowtorches are considered raiding tools only use them during raids, if found abusing the tool it will be removed from you.
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