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    This is an announcement for anyone + supporting, - supporting, or leaving a neutral comment. From now on you MUST leave at least 3 reasons on why you made your comment. Just copying what somewhat else said or saying a statement along the line of "due to what is stated above" is NOT allowed. -------------------------------------------------------- Sincerely~ MBRP Management
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    Okay well, all my friends are gone. idk anybody anymore besides a select few. It's not what it used to be, i used to have fun and shit on here and I've been here for so long. It feels more a chore of dealing with people in the community and people in game I've put up with a lot of shit now im done Im too inactive None of my friends are here there's lack of respect Im not good at goodbye's but i had a fun year as staff idk man im just putting up with bull shit anymore @maxsnipes10 - You were dope bro keep it real @crazypes - your okay @Skerrt16 - Real ass nigga @Copton Chill - bruhhhhhh @Synthwave - I miss my S Y N T H N I G G A @Brand - Naw dude you were special, you were like my best homie on here i wish you didn't leave @Robert Frank - Idk when you will see this just know i hope you've been safe in the military, you got me into this shit why did you leave after lol @Sweatshop Boi - You were a real ass nigga too @OverRaptor9328 - Your a retard lmao @Woona - You were a cool ass mf too If i forgot some people my b, i dont know peoples forum names either Message me if yall ever wanna talk if you didnt get @ i either forgot about you or i didnt like you to keep it 100 Peace yall, have fun i just cant anymore
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    Well there goes the last few of the OGs. Couldn’t agree more with you more though, it’s not what it was when we joined.
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    -support -advertised his staff app on discord
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    Damn bro. All of you stay safe
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    Nice, only 3 OGs left now. See ya later Tyler, good luck.
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    Are you sure about that? Bruhhhhh that map so much memories
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    Your Username: A: Luna Your SteamID: A: STEAM_0:0:97063449 Your Discord Name and #: A: .lua#9301 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A: I was recently demoted for talking to doxxers and trying to sell staff lockpicks on PRP. Besides that, the occasional jail for fucking around. Never been banned. Your Age: A: 16 Your Timezone: A: PST Time Played: A: 1340 Hours Staffing Experience (Optional): A: Was a SeniorAdmin Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph): A: To start off, I want to say that I did sever connections with all known doxxers. They have been blocked and I have confirmed it with Miskie and GZ. I wanted to put all that in the past, and I hope that the higher ups know that now. I am serious about becoming a staff member for MBRP once again. One more thing I'd like to point out, I never have nor will I ever abuse any powers given to me. Even with the staff lockpick thing, this was not admin abuse as I was not staff on PRP at the time and the staff lockpicks were given to me, I did not drop them for myself. Now for my actual application, I have plenty of hours on this server, around 1000 of them are as staff. I know every rule and punishment guideline. I am able to complete sits with speed while also making all the right decisions. Even when I am solo staffing, I am able to take every sit that comes without stressing. If you ask anybody, I'm sure they would tell you that I was a very good staff member before I was demoted. I have taken around 5000 sits with no staff strikes, ban appeals, or staff reports accepted on me. I am also active on forums and discord. To this day I have only made that one big fuck up, and it ruined me. I am still very dedicated to helping this server, and am not planning on stopping until this server inevitably dies out. If I do ever get staff again, I am ready to rise up through the ranks again and be back to my old self. I am very friendly to everybody in game, and give people in sits the chance to explain there side, even if it is clear they are in the wrong. I could be a very big asset to the staff team due to my motivation and determination. My biggest motivation is to prove to everybody that you can trust me. So with all that said, I would like another chance at being staff. You will not be disappointed. How often can you be on the server?: A: Not as active as before because I moved to my dad's house, around 3-5 hours on weekdays, weekends up to 12 hours. Are you familiar with the rules?: A: Extremely. Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: RP is boring af. I am only interested in staffing. What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User): A: Exhibitionist
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    I want to wish @Worlld a very happy birthday. I do t know you to well would like to get to know you better but happy birthday.
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    + Support I'm giving you my plus support because I think you were a great staff member just made one mistake and I don't think people should put that against you.
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    make-a-wish kid Go back to Kindergarten Happy Bday btw
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    We shall now commit sex together
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    happy birthday smelly boi man yea
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    + Support hard af + By far one of the best staff ever + Knows rules + Always takes sits + Always active + Fair and unbiased + Loved by many If anyone should be staff its you ❤️
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    Your Steam ID (steamid.io) STEAM_0:1:24147206 Name of Job: flipping k9 Proof Of Purchase (Screenshot from donation store under your profile) : Additions you have paid to be added: Additions that you paid to have replaced: Your friends Steam ID's (optional, if paid for them to be added): STEAM_0:0:138453946
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    Mega + Support - Great dude - Ex-staff - Knows the rules - Great hours - Good at talking to people - Loved by me
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    +support i woke up to take a piss, decided to check my shit, and saw this good guy make bad mistakes but we all do deserves the position after all the time he's dedicated to the server he is truly involved with the people on the server
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    Upload a gif image as ur PfP, just make sure it's within the size it tells you that is required.
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    It's all drama. Your best option is to stay out and away from it. Keep yourself clean.
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  35. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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    I, personally, would recommend leaving that discord to avoid any complications, though you will not be community banned simply for being a bystander on the discord or a friend of voren's.
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    No, you will not be community banned for being friends with someone. If you were staff however you could be demoted.
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    No this is not a scam sir if you keep fooling about I will cancel the transaction and bank will take all your money
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    Hey buddy, we do not accept new Officers through the forums. You may go in-game and advert "I need a trainer at PD", and wait for one. If they do not respond to your request, please ping 'Police Trainer' in the PRP discord. Denied
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    -Support kinda looks like old staff impersonation. Really made me exited when I saw ghostys name to come and realize it was new player that has no regard for TOS
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    DOCUMENT EXPLANATION: The EPD Document Links file is available to all EPD Officers so they have constant access to all utilities that are required to complete their job successfully. EPD Official SOP Click Here EPD Reporting info Click Here EPD Rank Info Click Here EPD Jailing and Ticket Info Click Here EPD Police Roster Click Here EPD Police Training Guide Click Here EPD 10-Codes Click Here Exhibition PoliceRP Rules Click Here Exhibition Forums Click Here Exhibition PoliceRP Discord Click Here Exhibition Forum Reports (User & Staff) Click Here Exhibition Police Job Applications Click Here
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    My homie tyler. A damn shame that the staff team lost another og. I guess we are on the same page now "both resigned". Anyways my friend, Im glad we are friends and hmu sometime lmao.
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    What's the point anymore everyone is leaveing when I first started playing this sever we had 43 staff members and now were down to like 20. The only reason I wanted to become staff was because of all you guys and now it's like what's the point, I have had so many memories with you some that were recent that I dont want to rember anyways back to the point you were a good staff member and it's sad to see you go. I hope we can make many more memories as time goes on. I love you @Tyler Ravage have a good life my dude😘 "Goodbye are not forever, are not the end; it simply means I'll miss you until we meet again.
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    what the fuck everyone is fucking gone now I have 0 reasons to play on this mf server wtf I only recognize 2 niggas from the staff roster now wtf i just want to go back to fucking January or october or some shit wtf is this bullshit fuck heres a random pic I took because I knew I was going to miss that shit lmao Here’s the last few seconds of the old map I remember staying up to like 4am or some shit sad nigga hours.. bye Tyler
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    Discords Main Discord PoliceRP Discord Rust Discord Servers DarkRP Content Pack Map Mexican Border RP Content Pack Map Police RP Content Pack Map Rust 5x
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    I'm a grade 12 now and school has been stressing me to death, I barely get time to play outside of school, my cousin was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and all these things are becoming hard to handle. My parents have to travel constantly do to their jobs and I don't often have a lot of time to talk with them. I know this might not be the place to post this but i need to say it somewhere. And now with one of the few opportunities I have to play games, I chose this server because I enjoy rp a lot and now I'm banned for something I wasn't even aware I did for 24 hours, I don't have many games to play and this is shitty. It's my word against an admin who strongly believes I did something wrong. I feel like there is nothing left for me. I move a lot and don't make friends easily, other than online. I'm lost, don't know who to talk to, sorry for posting this here. I just hope things get better
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    The thing is, selling staff lockpics is pretty bad. We all remember what happened to furvious when he gave people a bunch of shipments, he was perm banned and i would say this is nearly the exact same as that. Its nothing personal against lunaa just that sometimes mistakes are too big in my opinion, -1.
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