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    You pretty much made the whole MBRP staff team look bad. Nolan has a reason to be mad at you
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    Accepted. Staff member will be punished and be closely monitored.
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    And that's a failbase. Not only do you need to jump but it's not optimised for lock picks and breaching charges. I can see a staff strike happening.
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    I'm not sure about that thing. He might have been in a sit with him or something.
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    + Support (On a different note) I've had him ask for a sit and return the kid the kid mid sit after realising he was in the wrong. And several times building in adminmode. (Note that both incidents were reported to Sweatshop. But I'm just furthering the point that he abuses his powers and is unprofessional, chats below were in Public chat)
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    The problem with a shitposting section has already been stated above as a +support... The forum post number is meant to give active users helping others something to show for it. If everyone is shitposting what's the point of a post count. I get it's a gmod community and I get it's a game but at the same time we try to keep our forums as clean and easy to use as possible. Adding a shitpost section poses to benefit in my eyes so I'm going to go ahead and deny this. I appreciate the suggestion and I like looking over them so keep em coming. Denied
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    @Madminimac2 @Terry Crews Your evidence is very limited. In the first video it only shows 1 Rdm (there was nothing for him to counter.) It also does not show him adverting raid inside. In the second video it in no way shows him taking his own sit, all it shows is him telling you your base is a failbase (which it is) the only bad thing he did in the second video is physgun you. I will +support on the contingency that the staff member gets talked to about his behavior and how to use his phsygun correctly. The evidence provided is not enough for a staff strike/demotion imo
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    Good staff. Active. Only thing wrong is I've asked a bit of the newbies who you trained how you did. Didnt teach them a few commands but they figured it out. Staffing with alot of Insecurites. I know it's more of a joke to outsiders, like "oh get a life, you staff on a gmod server" but it can be a bit of a weight. You're helping to keep a entire community alive and keep it from going to shit. Little mistakes can seem MAJOR. But trust me, you're doing just fine. I understand the want to ask, but you're gonna end up overloading yourself in the long haul. Want my advice? Do what you can, dont take shit, and dont be afraid to get a bit mad when needed. You're alot more then just your rank.
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    hi, Thank you for the explication ! I understand my mistake, and accept it. Sorry for my fail. Have a good day ! Kiss from France
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    vid doesnt show him auto collecting moneys from printer
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    Nine admitted me that he teleported the raider in because it was a failbase. And pez did nothing about it. Granted nine is new, it's common sense AND in the guidelines not to use admin powers to gain an advantage in rp situations (while nine wasn't directly effected the other player gained an advantage) I'm going to + support for the fact it was admitted to me
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     Accepted!! Contact Mr. Sweatshop Boi#6436 and Mr. Damplips™#7949 for the next step!  Welcome to Exhibition Mexican BorderRP Staff team!
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    +support Has became really active since the last time he was staff.
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    -Support You got banned very recently which makes me believe you don't know the rules. Also, add a poll
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    I'm not sure we met but I will give you a +support since drangia likes you.
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    It would be nice if you could post the video or DM me it on discord (drangia!#9779)
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    +Support Would be really fun. Make it so rep from shitposts don't count to an account. Already shitposting on discord is impossible because of the cancer of combining bots with offtopic. @Voided Out Not every action has to have a very serious outcome my dude. Most of the community want it
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    Accepted! Contact @Can't Stop The Rooster's tumblr page! Jokes aside I remember this fool and he never took part in drama. Kept his head out of his ass and was objective when staffing. +support
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    See, there are plenty of reasons to allow it here. 1. I like shitposting here. 2. I really like shitposting here. 3. Miskie is trying to get server partnered, so eventually that'll be snuffed out. 4. The forums provide a different vibe than the every day toxicity that is @GhosTy's ugly pfp shitting up my chat. With certain rules and regulations set in place I'm sure it can become something productive. (As productive as shitposting can get I suppose.) Straight up denying it screams lack of improvement. Let's think long term here.
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    + Support Know Signal since back a year ago and hes played since, so he has proven that he is dedicated to the server Was staff with him and back then he helped me to learn the ropes and sometimes took the time to give me feedback on my sits Think he deserves it
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    thanks @Kudaa and also wanna say thanks for helping me with that base my guy.
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    + knows the rules very active never been on a bad side of my sits -/+ finally got a working mic(not a big deal that you didn't have one before) not very active on forums but active on discord. work on that. - previous punishments overall + Support
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    This ban was done by a MBRP staff member. I'm going to move this to the correct section.
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    Welp it's really gotten to the point where I can see that I am being extremely toxic and need to take a break from It all, I'll still be commenting every now and then but I need to look back and reflect on my actions to become less toxic and an all around more mature person. If you would like to message me moonboy#4613 Is my discord. I've loved every second i have spent on this server and am hoping when i get back I will enjoy It even more. Cya later.
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    That skin is kinda hot. Right now I am jumping and seeing what gangs to be in so this is a very possible one. Great requirements that lots of people can reach if not already reached. +Support
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    all though you have been on a lot recently and you are ex-staff you just got back to playing again and i feel as you may need some time to come back to the community a little more. Either way you seem mature and would most likely make a good staff in my opinion +support
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    thank you @Xeno and @Trippy Motion32 and @patriotsw29
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    You're doing fine man. You've got a level head and a good work ethic that allow you to handle sits and the server well. Keep up the good work.
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    Your one of the only good drp staff.
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    Here's my advice, stop trying to be the best you can, it'll drive you into hell. Your doing fine just chill and let the road take you.
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    You’re to hot for me... in all honestly, thanks a lot man. It’s been amazing being with you so far and hopefully we can continue to be amazing friends. Thanks for the comment.
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    You're the worst staff on exhibition j.k. boo boo you're the best staff keep doin' what your doin'
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    Thank you, I appreciate all of your trust in me. I do want to comment about people not knowing me, I am very active, I'm on almost every single day for hours. However, I enjoy playing law enforcement roles specifically ICE SRT and I dont normally make a name for myself doing that, at all. I was on almost all of today but except for the occasional warrant service I was almost only in the white house. This is definitley something I need to change, but I did want to make sure it was rightfully attributed to a playstyle thing not an activity thing.
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    @name Shadow Remover @persist [WantToRemove] [EntityToRemove]:entity if(first()){ runOnKeys(owner(),1) } if(keyClk(keyClk())==1){ switch(keyClkPressed()){ case "f", P=keyClk():aimEntity() if(P:isValidPhysics()){ P:propShadow(0) } break } } No need for an addon.
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    Honestly badly you can no longer spawn watermelons hence the reason I don’t play mbrp anymore
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    To all the hive minded tardos in this thread. Why wouldn't you target somebody more successful than you? It's dog eat dog in Dark RP. Highest bidder wins.
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    Leaving this fact aside, blaming me for cheating is a complete lie and im upset about it, i am a good rper and know how to rp correctly, meanwhile normal staff instead of looking into things correctly they just ban for false aparent reasons.... i would like to deal with more profesional admins such as super admins, so please if some could re-evaluate my case that would be nice, hope you consider, thanks for your time
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    I teleported to you and moved you around to check if you were AFK or not. You never responded to any of my messages. I then moved you to your printers and whenever you were near them you always collected money from them.
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    At 6:00AM EST this update will be live.
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    no cuz bools be out here reping for reping so you kind of need to prevent that
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    As the title states I'm Plague some of you have probably seen me before on DRP. To everyone that doesn't know me, come say whats up.
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    I doubt this will be accepted as much as I am in favor of it. 1. It has been denied already which means this will probably get denied as well. 2. I’m sure Gingie has convinced Miskie and other staff that anything more than 1k ops can cause issues for the server like lag or crashes. 3. Most people think E2 is the reason for the lag. (Not sure if anybody has gotten *any* data to support these claims what so ever so it is usually personal judgement that drives these claims). 4. Encourages users to use unoptimized E2s just because it “works”. 5. Most seriously exploitive E2s don’t run under 1k ops which means that idiots can’t just google exploitive E2s. 6. You have 3 E2s which makes a total of 3000 ops if you play your cards right and interconnect them. ——————————————————— A more reasonable suggestions would be changing it to 1500 operations. 3x the current limit is kind of a stretch right now. It would make it so that a person can technically have a max of 4500 operations a second per player instead of 9000 operations per player. ————— Edit: If you need help optimizing something I am willing to help. If your e2 spikes above the limit I can help you optimize it so you don’t run into that issue to the best of my ability.
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