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    Soap or Die has posted a user report on you for RDM. Sure enough when I checked you killed him 4 times without any proper reason. If he was "Harassing" you, you should have warned him 3 times in advert.
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    personally I liked having a negative reputation but someone had to remove that...
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    i love it so much thank u
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    i mean, can't you just write more than like 2/3 paragraphs per part? or release it somewhere else lmao
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    Accepted User will be punished accordingly.
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    He gonna get his post count to 20 so he can get denied.
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    Neutral (-/+) support from me I haven’t talked with you much, and lots of people are split on their opinions about you, so I’m going to give a bit of time before I potentially change my support.
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    +Support Chill and nice, allowing him to take sits with ease Flipping Demon😈 Enjoys the community -suppory Did farm like it was the new Farming Simulator Didn't stop Miskie from putting a child lock on flips so now the max is only 100mill, thanks Overall +support
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    +Support Clear evidence
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    Accepted. They continued to do this, multiple SITs on them in game. Jeff has been permabanned. Dick has received a 10 day ban. (Make sure you have keypads and do not double stack doors.)
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    Does not have to be just like. It could also be a Thanks, Haha, Confused, or Sad.
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    +Support Made his mistakes and can learn Mature Active
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    Your Username: A: spcjdavis25 Your SteamID? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010: A: STEAM_0:0:38163392 Your Discord Name and #: A: spcjdavis25#9169 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A: I've been jailed one or two times for stupid reasons, but I have never been banned Your Age: A: 15 Your Timezone: A: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Time Played: A: 4 weeks and 3 days Staffing Experience (Optional): A: I have been moderator on Exhibition RP a couple of times and each time I sadly has to resign due to personal issues in my life and other reasons I have also been moderator on Dank RP and several small servers that have shutdown Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph): A: Why should I be accepted to the Exhibition RP staff team? I believe I should be accepted because of my superb staffing, and the amount of time I spend on the server, the potential I have, and my helpful abilities and friendliness to new players. Firstly, I have been a staff member for years and I have alot of experience. I know how to deal with minges and mass rdmmers. I always have to make user reports on the forums because when I am on there are either no staff on or they all are afk. I can solve this problem because I am usually always on. I can stay calm in situations when I need to and I can take every single sit no matter the reason with the upmost seriousness. When I am on I will always take a sit if no other staff member has claimed it. I am ready to give up all of my Role-play time to deal with all the sits. Sometimes I wait for 30minutes+ for my sits request to be claimed. I would like to fix this problem by always being on duty whilst I am on the server. Another reason I would like to try to fix this problem is because I know me and other players can get very frustrated with this. Secondly, You can always find me on the server. I like to greet and help new players. Helping the new people who don't really know how to build or what to do makes me happy. I like to get people setup and make sure they have a good experience and will come back to the server to play more! I am willing to do anything requested of me by any higher staff member or just any staff member at all. I believe you will find me very useful and very reliable. I can be very respectful and kind to all players. In any sit i will listen to both of their stories and maintain a good level of patience with both players. I will be mature in every staff situation I am in. Lastly, I have been getting to know all of the staff members and players and I have gotten to be friends with a lot of people, but also I have gotten onto peoples bad sides too and I am sincerely sorry if I have done anything to offend you. I have really bad anger issues but I am getting better at controlling it so I don't believe it shall be a problem. I would love to have an opportunity to help out this server again and help out all the new players even more with the commands and powers of a S.I.T. I take staffing and moderating on this server very seriously and when I am on duty I would never minge or do anything to make this server seem unprofessional and I would do my best to keep the reputation of this server as good as possible and have a nice and friendly vibe and experience for everyone who plays on it. To end, these are the reasons why I believe I should become a S.I.T and be allowed to help out this server. I look forward to reading everyone's responses. I will take nothing personal and will not hold anything against you if you criticize me or give me negative feedback. i hope my response was adequate enough to everyone's liking How often can you be on the server?: A: I can be on around 4-6 hours on week days and 5-9 on weekends Are you familiar with the rules?: A: yes I am pretty familiar with the rules Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Very aware Have you read the TOS? (here) Your application will be denied if you do not read these! : A: Yes What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, Exhibitionist, User): A: Exhibitionist
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    +Support Was a good old staff from when I remember him Mature Good reputation
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    + support good staff Mature Fun to play with Active good app good luck ❤️
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    +Support She is super mature when needed A lot of playtime and knows how the server works Smart so when the time comes to punish rule breakers she will make the right choice Able to be on when no other staff can like 2am Est to 8am Est -Support Been banned but everyone makes mistakes
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    +Support, + Good person, +Seen on alot, +Very friendly, +Calm in almost every situation.
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    first of all + support for this cutie someone like her on the staff team we will being doing good she mature and she a freak shhh.. ❤️
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    +Support Active Doesn't Minge Never dealt with a sit about them -Support Ban History Overall: +Support
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    +support Great person Active Not very mingy Time available
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    +support plays a lot and has been around for a long time friendly and helpful player
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    +Support Seen in game alot Good app Good Playtime -Support Ban history Overall +Support
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    +Improved act +No sits against him +Good App +Good Time Played - banned for MRDK - Demoted as S.I.T Overall +Support Good Luck!
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    +Support -Have fond memories with creli, is a good guy -Seems to have improved -Seems more mature -Previously Banned -Previously demoted
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    +Support Was good staff Mature Nice guy Active on forums and in game
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    +Support +Mature +Active in game +good app and playtime +Staffing experience Overall:+Support
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    +Support He was a good staff member a while back Active Friendly Good Luck!
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    +Support +Good App +No sits against him + Good Playtime +Active +Staff experience
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    +support mature good app staff experience active i never have sits with him overall +support good luck man
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    i was the photographer, ur welcome
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    glad to be the piano man
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    I’d convert the money to pennies then eat it
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    The staff lockpick dealer.
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    I woke up, my clock said it was 6 PM. I was working the night shift on Halloween. Not many other units were able to show up so I was one or the online officers on duty. Thankfully another two other officers joined me on patrol. My first traffic stop was interesting. I pulled over a red Crown Victoria, just like my personal car. The car had two people inside, they were both older people. The driver had very bad hearing and would give me the wrong information. After I asked him to step out of the car he drove off and the chase was on. Three officers on one car, what could go wrong? As all officers were chasing him down a back road the lead car spun out and the units behind him crashed into a water drain zone. All officers ended up in that area some how and all of our cars got stuck. Thanks to a man with a large SUV he pulled our cars out for us. A few hours later we get a location of the suspects in the red Crown Victoria at a nearby factory and we make our move. We breach and clear three whole doors and after the last door we were in. The suspects started shooting at us so we shot back. Every bullet the officers shot hit a suspect. Both suspects were shot and killed that night. Officers were treated and were cleared a week later to patrol again. I took a day off and got a new car. A Dodge Charger 2016 hemi. That car was fast and I loved it. I took the day driving around and just relaxing. The next day I was back on patrol, and six minutes into my shift there was a bank robbery call. One person with a sawed off shotgun was robbing the place and there were two officers on duty. We made our move and killed the suspect with only five bullets. The rest of that day was just plain old traffic stops. Nothing new. ———— Part 3 coming soon
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    -Support Just one sentence Demoted Banned Recently Went Inactive In Game Not really active on discord/forums
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    -support -got demoted as trial mod -very mingy -only cares about himself -loves using the victim card and blaming the world for his own actions
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    -Support - Wasnt that good ex staff - Demoted as SIT/ Trial Mod - Banned for mass rdk -Sit farmed as staff Over all I think he is a good guy but just not staff material at all.
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