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    Ok first please for the love of fucking god put that shit in ur sig no one wants to see that anime neckbeard smelly WEEB shit. Second I like the map
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    Hello, my name is Greed in-game, and in steam it is Grim. (ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thedeadlysingreed) In Discord I am "Father Donut #4725". I was recently punished for 1x failrp (Adverted "bank raid" on accident instead of adverting "Wh raid" [Oops...]) I am officially 14 of today (Happy Birthday to me), and I live in Pacific Daylight Time. On the MBRP server I have 114 hours of in-game time. Although I have no previous staffing experience, I can dedicate at the very least 8 hours of staffing time on the server everyday but Wednesday (Lessons), I am afraid, I only have 5 hours to staff in the day.. I am aware I will lose RP time, but I am completely familiar with the Staff Handbook, and TOS for applying for Staff. I have 20 Community Posts on the forums, as required. I am an Exhibitionist rank on the server. Why I should be accepted: I have been playing this server for months now, my time has added up to 114 hours, I have experienced first-hand every law, rule, and guideline. I believe I can make the RP experience more fun for the players of the server. I love to help people solve their problems, and grow as a person. I also believe I can grow as a person from this experience. Solving problems is my proficiency, I have read the Handbook many times over to be able to memorize the punishments. Thank you for reading all this. Sorry if this accidentally does not follow the format, thank you for your time.
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    Your in-game name: Megami Rybbon Staff members name: Azrael Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010: STEAM_0:1:93694976 Explain what happened: So basically Azrael has been attempting to get this girl named EmpressChrista to e-date or something I don't really care. But basically I have been hanging out with her too I don't care what she does, but apparently he does. He goes on to talk rudely about me saying I got demoted for false reasons such as "Abusing my powers". I don't mind talking about my demotion but when he puts false reasons of why it makes me look bad as a person overall. What I am about to show you is him being a minge. I was basing and Christa, Yumi, Sam, Ez from PRP, and a couple others were basing with me. I had to relog because I just switch jobs back to God class and my F4 menu broke. I had Ez buy the doors for me. I get back on and Ez soon learns how to do /sellalldoors and I buy the doors. I accidentally sold one door and Azrael bought the other one. He bought it only because I asked him to get out. He has been talking down to me ever since he started hitting on Christa. Then he owns my door and doesn't use the base just to annoy me. // Please note that he didn't use the base or spawn anything. I made a sit about it and Majestic took it and even said He was being mingy. This is one of the things he is doing to people and specifically me. Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)
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    All ima say is that I’m happy I’m in school.
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    Back when I did a ton of TF2. In case the first one doesn’t load for some reason:
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    IGN: wishing SteamID: STEAM_0:0:142455401 Banned by: Rigby Ban date, time & length: 07/19/2019, about 12:53 am, banned for 1 week Admins ban reason: e2 abuse Explanation): I loaded into the server and i was messing around with e2 codes that i had finished earlier in sandbox, i had one that made my player model rgb and i put it down. Rigbe the admin told me to take the e2 off and I immediately did as he said, my player model stayed as a solid blue and I was going to switch jobs so that it could reset my player model before Rigbe just said "too late" and banned me for a week. He didn't even give me a chance to do what he said and just banned me like that
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    Don't stop chasing that e-pussy brother. Remember its only illegal if she knows you raped her. Evidence is horrible as well so -Support
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    + Support's ~Never had a bad experience with this player ~Good Forum Activity ~Good to be around ~He's a nice young lad ~Not toxic +/- Support's ~Sort of mingy(not to bad But "sometimes") - Support's ~None Overall +Support I Wish you the best of luck on getting staff you deserve it ❤️
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    +support active +/- support kind of mingy -support low forum activity overall I am going to +support
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    Fuck you idiot, you never deserved to get staff. Your maps are shit go end your life. I personally have talked to this player a total of 20 minutes and he harassed me constantly calling me a dumb coon in game. He raided my base twice and told my I have huge gay. He then continued to crash a helicopter into my base screaming racial slurs. Overall giving him community manager is a big mistake.
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    First. My base is a hobo base meant for only the finest of the hobos. Exterior: Interior: My Hobo base has plenty of room to do paperwork at the nice desk in the corner, or if you aren't in the mood you can sit in the chair and watch the ocean. There is also plenty of room for company and sick parties yo. Exactly 35 props btw. exceptionally functional hobo base.
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    Staff Application Template: Your Username: A: Turnip Your SteamID: A: STEAM_0:0:2600396 Your Discord Name and #: A: Turnip #6552 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A: No, i've been playing for a hundred hours or so and i've followed the rules every step of the way. Your Age: A: 16 Your Timezone: A: EST Time Played: A: 104 hours Staffing Experience (Optional): A: Vortex Gaming: Admin ICE Community: Moderator Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph): I should be selected to be on your staff team because i have the drive and dedication to be the best staff that i can possibly be. I'm patient, understanding, and i'am unbiased when it comes to dealing with reports. Over the past 100 hours of my playtime i've been taking time out of my rp to help players learn the ropes of the game and teach them ways to earn money to support themselves. I believe being staff is more than just punishing people for their mistakes. It's about helping them and insuring that they won't make these mistakes again. I'm not naive, i understand that not all people are willing to change. But i believe i should at least try. One thing that i've also noticed is that after 12am the server falls into a state of chaos due to the lack of staff on. I want to emphasis that i don't blame the staff team for this, they have lives outside of gmod and that is understandable. But i believe i can get on at those late hours and help keep the server peaceful. I also believe that i can consistently do this to prevent this constant pings for staff in the discord. I promise that if you select me to become staff i will perform beyond at which the standard is set. How often can you be on the server?: A: 6 hours a day Are you familiar with the rules?: A: Yes, I've read them many times. Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A: Yes, and i'm completely fine with that. What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User): A: User
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    #1 Stop arguing with other staff members in your ban appeal. #2 Kill logs were filled with you killing the same people over and over again. Might i add you never adverted a thing through your enter time playing. Regardless of whether they're your friends or not, all these kills are still RDM. This is because you didn't have an actual RP reason for killing them. EX. Raid, KOS line, MUG, ETC. All these things would be valid rp reasons. But instead you kept killing them over and over for no reason at all. #3 Kills logs show you rdming more than just your friends. There was many people who had nothing to do with your friends who were also caught in the crossfire. So, enjoy your ban. It will be extended by the end of the night Edit: You rdmed about 18 people in total. So that's a 2 week ban.
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    This is for DarkRP my guy. Move this to the other section.
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    Additions Added 3 smuggling dropoff points Added truck rental to mexico Added bollards to the border crossing Prison cell doors now relock every 30 minutes Bank doors and vault now close and lock every 30 minutes Mexican underground warehouse area's garage doors now automatically close 10 seconds after being activated Added "special" sit room Fixes Fixed a texture error in the prison Fixed a texture error in America Fixed a texture misallignment in the President's office Changes Changed numerous textures Remade the border crossing Improved optimization Made the border jump a little easier by making the rocks larger Retextured the American tunnels Made skeletons at the underground border crossing freeze Prison doors now stay locked Fixed a texture error on a Mexican roof Centered a decal in the Mexican underground Improved optimization Changed a texture on the bank roof Removals Removed a tunnel in Mexico Removed occluders outside of American spawn Update should be live tomorrow at 6am.
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    Unless you have evidence then stay banned minge - Support
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    I just want to say I hope you have a very happy 16th birthday, mbrp would be lost without you happy birthday, From the Mbrp Staff Family! Happy birthday Ti***** love CrazyPes
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    You notice how he said MBRP staff? Lmao. He's head admin on MBRP
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    Happy birthday.... don't crash your first car.
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    This is the kid that got banned for killing someone outside his base thinking it was allowed... Leave the server and never come back you imbecile.
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    Lmaoo. You have 0 VALID evidence - support.
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    i said "what do you mean getting away with it?" cause i honestly had no clue what you were talking about don't try and fabricate evidence
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    this is to my recent comment on this app. Im going to change my vote after what I have seen today on mbrp, as it shows me grady is not at all ready to be a staff member here. Hes constantly dogging on another staff member " ominous " after being asked numerous times to stop and still continues. Re evaluate your choices kiddo
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    -support -app is absolutely horrible -some people say you're toxic -has been banned -not active on forums/discord -you keep replying to every single comment, not a huge issue. But gets very annoying.
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    Your in-game name: Yumi Users IGN: Loopus Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/) Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010: STEAM_0:0:170136264 Explain what happened: Prop blocking spawn. Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)
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    wtf all he did was sit in a corner with a different player model in admin mode why are you acting like he fucked your mom on top of you while you were sleeping
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    dont go to my page and check my cover photo trust me dont do it !
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    Pls pls pls pls do this
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    Hey there! Just thought I make a little guide for those that wish to get there ranks without any hassle. (Pictures are included for visual learners. :3) First Step: to syncing your in-game rank to ur forums account you click on ur forums profile name which will bring a drop down menu. Second Step: You will then click on "Account Settings" located in that list. Third Step: Once you have proceeded into your account settings you will then go into "Steam Integration" located at the bottom Fourth Step: After clicking that tab it will bring up the steam integration menu which will ask for you to sign up using your steam account. Proceed sign in using your steam account for this next step. Fifth Step: Once logged in with your steam account you will then proceed to LOG OUT IF you are on the server, and log back in WHILE logged in on ur forums account. IF you are not logged into the server already, proceed to log on WHILE logged in on ur forums account, and your rank should automatically be processed.
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