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    Help me pass @Ryan321 in rep 👀
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    NEW RULE : if minge society makes a user report, staff have the right to make a rule to protect the person breaking the rules. (Even though it still doesn’t make it allowed)
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    Thank you for the reddit gold (all the rep)
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    Like this comment for good luck
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    can i get rep so i can feed my Superiority complex
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    @Dark good bye homie i respect you with everything as you were always there for me @Insert White Name @Hollow @freezeツ -𝘾𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 𝓝𝓟𝓒 ill still talk to yall everyday @Ryan321 ive known you for 7 years i aint gonna stop talking to you lol @Mark Stinnson @Soap or Die @Maze enjoy being un commed i love you guys @Trosa ima talk to you everyday i love you loads man goodbye all im leaving the comm finally and dont plan on returning @IsThrill thank you for everything to the rest i forgot to tag i love you all and peace
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    50 days won I would like to thank everyone who kindly gave me rep 😀 in the words of @drangia! "it's not an act"
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    Robert 1 my final message to you , Come back
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    Anti punk alliance
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    can i get some rep my wish is to be the top weekly contributors 😔
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    Trosa i love you my brother
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    brent peterson has been unbanned on tiktok thought everyone should know
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    Give me some rep or I will leak my thug shaking album
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    First week out @Mark Stinnson @Soap or Die
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    Can you fuck off and stop filling the status sections plz
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    finally got my name updated :flexemoji:
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    Mike will continue to make awful decisions until he’s finally given the boot (rightfully so). Anti punk alliance
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    Can I get some hype?
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    Can the ppl deleting my shit just warn me so I can see what im doing wrong 🤬
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    They want to keep a yungen down - they cant
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    you know, ive been wondering what is the meaning to koolaid?
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    @{tpz}☢zoroark720☢ DRP is swallowing its players for your return
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    Have a good one guys! Best of luck to any new staff members. Keep this community alive! Shoutouts to the legends who stuck with me, taught me things and brought a whole new experience I never could've thought of having: @BigMonkey realest monkey, you were the staff member I looked up to after getting accepted and still glad I was your 3000th sit lol. It was fun sitting in liquid/og's base when I first really interacted with you and they kept spamming soundboard as i gave you millions for your knife addiction. Get on typing that 2 page essay in MLA format with all your citations for that promotion. #SeniorAdminMonkey @EXIT :D became a real one during the mbrp pandemic of staff, looking forward to your leadership @freezeツ -𝘾𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙙 𝓝𝓟𝓒 Being an admin right beside you was so fun. You kept telling me to touch grass and were mindblown how fast I got up there and as I was, you were always giving me a helping hand when needed. Hope to talk more man. You were the motivation I needed to even base too, gave me excellent tips + more. @Migos. My first interaction with you was you raiding my base and failing at the tight 180 corner in American Fire Escape. That shit was so funny when you brought all the staff to raid me when i was a mere newbie in the server and that got crack ramps disabled for a bit too. When I became staff all you had to say was touch grass. Great one, i'll always remember you as a fool but a friend that meant a lot. @ba1tm8an7 Seeing you and Liquid together was always fun, im glad you came by daily just to base and take sits together when it was peak hours. Congrats on SMOD, get higher! You are a great example people can look up to. @earthbound me lon Raccoon my favorite furry friend. You really came to your senses and no longer can we tease you as a forever mod. You're super chill, the late nights were fun doing opium and rdming me.. jesus christ control yourself. I will purposely not touch grass for you still. @Liquid_Nut187 Excellent staff member and genuinely had a passion for this server. If you decide to come back once more, give it a shot! Always were a great friend too. LMK when to come on to base with you more, you always got a friend in me @OG_pointz OG you're doing a great job at staffing seriously. You're also such a nice person and care for everyone. Honestly keep sharing that part of you and make more friends as time goes on. You're going places man! @Montana JUAN i'll miss you ridiculing me & going around raiding all the time plus waiting for you to get online most days. Keep being you @Ryan321 Hilarious guy & perfect staff member. You're also such an open guy i appreciated that a lot back then. @SaintG4Life That night we fought against the management was a bonding moment really. You and I never really spoke until around then and it was pretty cool building a friendship with you. That night when my screen went black was fun lol @LING You accepted me really fast as a friend that I was taken back really. I still remember the old ass application I made that you said "-support anime profile picture" and i changed it to something else right after. You're really chill and It was so fun being a serial killer that night and targeting gladiator with you. @xd lolChaos creator honestly, you were caught up in so much shit that it seriously surprises. You're a great friend. I appreciated all the tips and tricks, all the times you supplied printers and dragged me around to PD raids that I failed so hard. @Maze I never knew your past, but the night you got uncommunity banned was actually cool. You are indeed reformed and invited me into MS as a staff member which is a rare occasion. MS as bad the image was, truly isn't as bad with you and Soap being more reformed than others. You're a real one. Showed me all those props in adminland, the way to make bases look better, your shenanigans too with everyone. Hope to see you continue to play! @Mark Stinnson I cannot imagine MS without you man. Seriously you were such a great friend in such a short amount of time and truly same goes with Maze. You're a real one. @Mr. Autist Autist you had a tough experience on the server in the beginning but glad to see you around still and sticking strong. You're my favorite Norwegian with your french ass accent. Kidding... Thanks to @Nelson for teaching me. Your first time teaching was such a great time. You always corrected my mistakes, always looked out for me if I went downhill. You're mature as hell. Thank you for everything man! Thanks to Management such as @Trosa and Damp that supplied a welcoming area in the community. You guys better make this community live on! For others, i didn't mention. You still know who you are. Keep up the hard work. I'll be on time to time but yeah. Looking forward in returning someday with pride
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    my staff application (im using this cause i wouldnt know where else to apply) so i want to apply just for something to do main reason id be a good staff member is id be relaxed and help people so yea and help them have fun but if i dont get accepted i wont care my in game steam name is corwin442 otherwise my friend code is 1030331020 and my current exhibition name is a blind guy so yea
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    तुम बहुत समलैंगिक हो
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    Can I get some rep 😔
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    always going to be most recent
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    @sad memes are you somehow related to zoroark?
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