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  1. you unbanned your profile on tha forums dont say banned anymore?

  2. #freethehomies

  3. lmao u banned xdddddd

    1. Soap or Die

      Soap or Die

      honestly bro I didn't know that

  4. Rip homie

    1. Mark Stinnson

      Mark Stinnson

      Free da homies! Fuck da snitches N word!

  5. Follow for follow?

    1. BEAN B0Y

      BEAN B0Y

      cum for piss?

    2. findog ツ

      findog ツ

      you don't like the brits

    3. xd lol

      xd lol

      gierve meew followwwer balck nowwowowow

  6. Free the homie!

    1. Maze


      Free the homie!



  7. Unban the g Raymond!

    1. xd lol

      xd lol

      what did he even do lol.

    2. Mark Stinnson
    3. Phantom


      not raymond 😭😭😭

  8. When did you get comm banned lmao

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ChabulaChoo


      Not what I'm asking I know what he was banned for I'm asking when he was banned. 

    3. landen with a capital L
    4. Egg


      NAh i finally got miskie to ban him this month, he was demoted 2 months ago

  9. Poggers? 

    1. Egg


      ChabulaChoo Smod 4 life

    2. ChabulaChoo


      frfr i plan on getting admin never 

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