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    Big update to LUXBLA webpage interface, now offering cleaner, simpler and more refined information.
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    Then why such a low rating? Can you specify - so we could improve?
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    Can you be more specific? If you mean here - the stocks listed on the LUXBLA Stock Exchange are LUXBLA Stocks + shares of its subsidiaries (merged together into one). If you mean IRL, I used to educate myself on trading in all sorts of sectors but mostly in IPO's and already established big giant PO's. I used several real-time trading simulators or as they are called paper-trading. As if there is no real money involved yet you get set of lets say 10 000$ or 100 000$ and then you trade as a real trader would. At some point I was really interested in day trading/swing trading, and almost opened an account on one trading platform, goin as far as sending the initial cash in it. Just that the more I went into the details I realized that the game is kind of rigged. The trading platforms or Brokers were drying so much of the profit you could make that it becomes hard to make any / unless you are an established firm that holds millions of dollars / in that case the broker fees can be manageable. Anyways, not saying that stock trading is impossible. but it is rigged. There is a good reason why 90% of stock traders loose their money. In stock market if you make money, that means that someone has just lost their money + your broker will also take some. So even when you win, as the pros say in that game - you don't really win They also say that the stock market [needs] fresh [new] "investors" to fuel the market - they are like little fish in the ocean - they sustain the big fish in their losses. In other words, sharks need to eat! But that being said - LUXBLA Stock Exchange is far different from IRL, that you can be sure!
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    The highest we can get them, sir!
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    LUXBLA COMPANY | SINCE -2-0-1-6- | PUBLIC | IPO; 07/07/20 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA™ ★AFFORD THE LUXURY★™ | ORIGINAL PIONEER OF THE BLADE MARKET™ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT: WE ARE THE LARGEST RETAILER OF RAREST AND MOST LUXURY OF BLADES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA COMPANY LATEST NEWS | [31/10/20] ➤ LUXBLA employees have been harassed and its operations and property damaged ➤ Authorities reacted quickly and efficiently this time around and have for the time being restored order ➤ CEO Adam Ashford stated "we are not easily scared off, as long as authorities will help us, we will fight" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE NEWS ARE PROVIDED FROM WITHIN THE COMPANY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIVE 'PRODUCTS' | [31/10/20] # 'Karambit LORE' # 'M9 Bayonet LORE' # 'Bayonet LORE' DEPLETED 'PRODUCTS' (00/00/00) # 'Butterfly GAMMA DOPPLER' # 'Karambit GAMMA DOPPLER' FUTURE 'PRODUCTS' # 'Falchion GAMMA DOPPLER' (All current and future products retail at 1,250,000$ USD) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL OF THE PRODUCTS ARE MADE IN ASSOCIATION WITH THIRD PARTY PROVIDERS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA COMPANY (FINANCES) | [31/10/20] Income: +4,000,000$ USD [+16,000,000$ USD] (31/10/20) Equity +45,000,000$ USD [+5,000,000$ USD] (31/10/20) Cash: 45,000,000$ USD [-24,000,000$ USD] (31/10/20) Liability: 0,000,000$ USD [+/-0,000,000$ USD] (00/00/00) Donated: 2,000,000$ USD [+/-0,000,000$ USD] (00/00/00) Sponsored: 800,000$ USD [+/-0,000,000$ USD] (00/00/00) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FINANCES ARE ONLY ROUNDED TO A MILLION(S) OR HUNDRED(S) [OF] THOUSAND(S) $ USD AND IS ONLY A CLOSEST APPROXIMATION ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Donations were provided to support the freelance medics that were providing their services to the public with [no-charge] Sponsorship decisions were done in accordance to policy and our old tradition of promoting local public [well-being and development] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'CORPORATE LEADERSHIP' POSITIONS (AS VOTED* IN/OUT by the 'CONSENSUS' of BOARD of DIRECTORS) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Adam Ashford (Since 06/06/16) | Salary per Day: 250,000$* USD Chief Financial Officer (CFO) - Adam Ashford (Since 06/06/16) | Salary per Day: 150,000$* USD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'BOARD of DIRECTORS' (AS VOTED* IN/OUT by the 'MAJORITY' of STOCKHOLDERS 'PER THEIR SHARE') - The chair of the board: Adam Ashford (Since 07/07/20) - The member of the board: PhosAcid (Since 07/07/20) - The member of the board: Yuno (Since 00/00/00) - The member of the board: vacant (Since 07/07/20) - The member of the board: vacant (Since 07/07/20) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA COMPANY (LUBL) SHARES TOTAL: [1 000 000] | MARKET CAPITALIZATION (CAP) = 275,000,000$ USD | 275,00¢ USD PER SINGLE SHARE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA COMPANY (LUBL) LAST SHARE VALUE DIFFERENCE: ▲UP/▼DOWN [▲UP] (BY 25,00¢) | [31/10/20] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC ISSUED STOCK (OFFERINGS) ⬤ Adam Ashford [100 000] = 27,500,000$ USD ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC ISSUED STOCK (HOLDERS) ⬤ Adam Ashford [800 000] ⬤ PhosAcid [100 000] ⬤ Yuno [100 000] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE MINIMAL ALLOWED PUBLIC STOCK OFFERING: [50 000] | THE MAXIMAL ALLOWED PUBLIC STOCK OFFERING: [1 000 000] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALLOWED STOCK OFFERING PROPORTIONS ACORDING TO (LUBL) TOTAL VALUE: 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55%/60%/65%/70%/75%/80%/85%/90%/95%/100% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA STOCK-MARKET UPDATES EVERY* 24 HOURS THE SHAREHOLDER(S) CAN OPEN/CLOSE/EDIT A TRADE ONCE EVERY* 24 HOURS ONLY ONE TRADE OFFERING PER SHAREHOLDER(S)* LUXBLA STOCK-MARKET CAN BE CLOSED FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME LUXBLA STOCK-MARKET CAN BE CLOSED VIA THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE 'BOARD OF DIRECTORS' LUXBLA STOCK-MARKET CAN BE CLOSED WITH NO PRIOR OR THEREAFTER NOTICE THE 'BUY' PRIORITY IS ALWAYS RECOGNIZED BY THE INITIAL OFFERING TIME FRAME NOT ALL OF THE PUBLIC HAS ACCESS TO LUXBLA STOCK-MARKET EXCHANGE ACCESS IS ALWAYS LIMITED AND CAN BE WITHDRAWN AT ANY MOMENT AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF 'LUXBLA COMPANY' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE CURRENT SHARES TRANSACTION BROKER FEE: 10% (AS OF 07/07/20) - BUYER AND SELLER SEPARATELY COVERS THE FULL FEE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STOCKS TRADING INVOLVES SUBSTANTIAL RISK OF LOSS AND IS NOT SUITABLE FOR EVERY INVESTOR, THE STOCKS VALUATION MAY FLUCTUATE GREATLY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LUXBLA Company is a registered legal entity and owns several patents. 'Design and Layout' of LUXBLA entities is under registered pattent protection. Other patents may be pending. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions or concerns regarding LUXBLA Company feel free to contact us right here or send us a message. For business inquiries please contact us in-private by sending us a direct, safe and private message. *Additional terms may apply, exceptions to the terms may apply, timestamp per DAY/MONTH/YEAR, information provided is subject to legal liability. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS PAGE WILL RECEIVE CONTINUED CHANGES AND AS SUCH ALL OF THE FUTURE CHANGES ARE LEFT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL TO FOLLOW ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © LUXBLA Company. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.
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