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  1. Rüby

    Missed you dad




  2. Ruby

    Friday, 12/15, I was promoted to Admin. This is a delayed post as I was very busy this weekend, but I just wanted everyone in the community to know that if it wasn't for you all, I would not be here today. I have been staff since September 9th and all the time spent here has been amazing thanks to all of you in the community. I would like to give a special thanks to all of the staff team for helping the server out whether that be improving addons to the server, or staffing in general. Rooster, Fesh, Miskie, all of the managing side of things, I really want to thank you all for recognizing all of the effort that I, and many other staff members put in on the daily. It is appreciated seeing active managers, and active staff overall. This is an amazing community, and I never want to leave. 


  3. Hello everyone! How are you all?

  4. Highschool sucks. Like a lot

    1. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Yeah man everything before college sucks ass. 

    2. Fletch


      Levelcake your like fucking 13? Wait until you become a Junior and start taking AP courses.

    3. Maguku QUAVO

      Maguku QUAVO

      Wait for college bb

  5. who is this ruby guy?

    1. Rüby


      Get outta here

      S T I N K Y


  6. I need to rant. Some people say they are there for you, and then you go through something traumatic and dont want to talk about it and say to leave you alone, and they drop your ass like THAT. Donezo. ion need anyone with that negative attitude you know? Just fucking done with so many people right now. 

    Thanks for listening


  7. Please do not consider this shitposting, as this is what i am feeling at this time and i just want to vent. I am having a very hard time in my life, and sometimes I question the point in being on this earth. Now, granted that is edgy as F U C K but to be completely honest, after thinkning about it, everyone thinks these types of things at some points in their lives. And that is when i realized that every single god damn person out there has their role and place in this world. Anyone out there thinking these same, negative things, just know that you matter. Although this is edgy as hell, I have recently lost multiple friends to a shooting, then a spree of suicides. Everyone just know that you are loved and if you need someone to talk to, I am here. Again, please do not consider this shitposting, just trying to help the community by letting them know that they can pm me anytime they need anything.

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    2. Rüby


      Talking about suicide and people who have died? Totally a game bud. As I said before get off of my fucking page please. Thanks


    3. Kegster


      i dont needa go anywhere :)

    4. Rüby





  8. I just bust a nut so god damn hard that my left leg went completely numb. Just thought everyone would want to know that.


    1. Kegster


      so this shit gets three likes but my donation of pubes only gets one? smh @Teta The Man @BicBoi [TC]


    2. BicBoi [TC]
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