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  1. Quavo do be fire tho 

  2. Remember when we started as staff together? Then you changed bruh

  3. Dont post anything in my profile okay?


  4. Yo hollow why u do me like that, why u left me and went to mbrp?

    1. Hollow


      It just be that way :(

  5. Whomst is this mans and why is he still Head Admin if he last visited in fucking december?

    1. teh epic frog
    2. Thunder


      Deadass nobody knows, he has nobody in the higherup that actually defends him. I think voided just to lazy to pm him. @Voided Out fix ur shit dumbbitch

    3. teh epic frog
  6. Pinche quavo nunca estas aquí, voy a ingresar a tu servidor de mierda y te voy a hacer rdm si no contestas culero


    December 17, 2018



  8. you deserve admin my dude

    1. Ching chong the chill
    2. Joe The Ear

      Joe The Ear

      Joe for Tmod, ah the memories.

  9. Why dont u follow me??

    1. GhosTy


      yo hollow where is my follow4follow retard?

    2. Deadsam


      hes UBER gay


  10. Quavo I joined the fourms 2 days later den u holy heck nuggets

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    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Want to know what’s even more funny traps are gay

    3. Maguku QUAVO

      Maguku QUAVO

      Want to know whats even more funnier? That I’m almost 1 year being as staff

    4. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Want to know what’s funniest ur still ha. Sorry I love u quavo don’t hurt me

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