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  1. teh epic frog

    glad to be the piano man
  2. teh epic frog

    Yeah tbh 1m isn’t really that much, it can’t last you forever so id invest in stocks
  3. teh epic frog

    change da world, my final message, goodbye
  4. teh epic frog

  5. This is actually super fucking cool
  6. teh epic frog

    Classic rock/blues rock
  7. teh epic frog

    Stay strong man. If you need anything my discord pms are always open.
  8. teh epic frog

    Accepted The staff member will be talked to accordingly.
  9. teh epic frog

    Eagles and Flyers!
  10. Yo dude I loved ur explanation on why voren is banned so much. You went so much into detail ! 

    1. teh epic frog
    2. Buttered Roll

      Buttered Roll

      detail isnt very necessary... he knows why he is banned so that is that

  11. Rumor going around that this guy isn’t gay 😤

  12. How hard is it having severe autism

    1. Azrael
    2. Copton Chill

      Copton Chill

      why ask questions when u already know answer 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. GO EAGLES!

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    2. teh epic frog
    3. GB Nolan

      GB Nolan

      same article

      views it as a judgment call, not a call that was clearly right or clearly wrong

    4. alden


      What is clear is that video of the play shows Alshon Jeffery communicating with the side judge to confirm that he's lined up legally. Whether or not the official was correct in his judgment, he apparently told Jeffery that he was fine where he was lined up. The fact that the league said it was a judgment call by rule —  not a missed call — makes Pereira's obnoxious hair-splitting a moot point here. 

  14. come back to the staff team g

    1. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Helllllll nah

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