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  1. can i get some hype mr best comm manager of the life of iraq in 1964

  2. teh epic frog

    darkrp 10.6.03
  3. im a normal person

  4. I’m goated frfr 

    1. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      bro got unbanned?

  5. wtf bro is comm manager?

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    2. Soap or Die

      Soap or Die

      the successor to forg 

    3. Kenyatta Lee Frazier Jr.

      Kenyatta Lee Frazier Jr.

      Exactly we need more diversity (Ok now give me staff as i am mexican, if you dont ur a xenophobe)

    4. Freeze ツ

      Freeze ツ

      yeah brotha, he works at some tech support thing but he doesnt scam and he helped miskie, so miskie gave him cumm managa

  6. da goat 

    Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains (EP, Acoustic Rock): Reviews, Ratings,  Credits, Song list - Rate Your Music

    1. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Officially in jar of flies season

  7. hi cutie can i have some rep ??

  8. Ermmm can I get some rep?

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    2. FrogManJones
    3. Freeze ツ

      Freeze ツ

      damn bro they all rude, aint giving the god some rep #sad

    4. teh epic frog
  9. Can I get some rep?

    1. Trosa


      miskie fucked up the perms so i cant rep 🤷

    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Walter white jiffy

    3. Trosa
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