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  1. teh epic frog

    Ok first please for the love of fucking god put that shit in ur sig no one wants to see that anime neckbeard smelly WEEB shit. Second I like the map
  2. teh epic frog

    Hes saying ur faking being afk it’s his word vs ur word and they take staffs word
  3. teh epic frog

    Low key that’s fax I doubt u weren’t recording since u always do when ur own gmod
  4. teh epic frog

    His argument is u were faking it
  5. teh epic frog

    Moderator options and hit delete
  6. teh epic frog

    Make one app dude
  7. teh epic frog

    You clearly have no clue what you are talking about lol. He was very popular ( for good and bad reasons) when he left. It’s not just because he joined earlier lol
  8. teh epic frog

  9. teh epic frog

    Man, you guys are harsh. I do not think you should be a captain but I defiantly would like to see you on the team because you seem mature
  10. What is your best memory of me?🤔

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    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Shut up ghosty nerd. Shut up nutla hick

    3. phone charger
    4. Copton Chill

      Copton Chill

      wen u Rdmed rooster as I was getting trained 😭

  11. teh epic frog

  12. teh epic frog

  13. teh epic frog

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