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  1. Yeah I’m not saying that ur wrong I’m just saying nothing more then watching over should be done on this
  2. teh epic frog

  3. Nothing will be done from this. He never committed the action. Just staff should watch over him carefully that’s all
  4. teh epic frog

    + support one of the best staff members of all time literally was on every day french
  5. teh epic frog

    Sorry that’s not how it works just wait the ban it’s not that long
  6. teh epic frog

    No excuses that’s Ltarp. A 4 hour ban
  7. teh epic frog

    Kinda scummy anyway yeah this isn’t really that big of a deal just kinda a dick move you just have to move on dude and forget about stupid shit like that
  8. teh epic frog

    Oh that’s super simple
  9. teh epic frog

    @Voided Out can you conclude this already it’s becoming aids
  10. teh epic frog

    Yeah saved npcs isn’t necessarily the map it’s most likely an sql issue that the devs would need to look into
  11. teh epic frog

    I’m sorry to hear that man. I still have my bad moments everyday but the most important thing to do is accept it if you worry about it it won’t get better just worse. It’s a constant cycle of vicious thoughts and it makes you feel numb and like ur living in a movie or a dream. My biggest fear was going insane and having sycophania idk why tho I never had symptoms of it
  12. teh epic frog

    Eh I’m kinda over feeling sorry for myself yeah it sucks dick but I feel like when I get through this i will be a better person
  13. teh epic frog

    Jesus I don’t want to do this. Ok well I kinda am tired of telling people false shit of what happened with me so here is really what happened. About two months ago I had a pretty traumatic experience and I had a panic attack from it. Having that panic attack made me fairly depressed and gave me a disorder called depersonalization and derealization it pretty much feels like you are in a dream for a long period of time even though you know it’s real I also developed pretty bad brain fog. I ended up having to miss a week of school because I was so scared that I was going crazy. When I resigned I made the excuse that I wanted to get into coding because I was scared and didn’t know what was wrong with me. It’s better now the whole derealization thing still happens but is a lot fucking better than it was but the brain fog feels still pretty bad and I can’t focus on anything. Yeah I just figured I would say why I haven’t been talking a lot. Plus I got a game called mordhau so that helps me keep my mind off it because it’s fun. Ps if you guys are going through this feel free to pm me because I can help you
  14. teh epic frog

    He said he can still use it just he has to weld everything....
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