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  1. teh epic frog

    Accepted (Reduced to 2 days for the following:) Since there were no rules against ragdolls and e'2s we are going to be lowering your ban to two days! But we are not going to fully un-ban you because that is a bypass! To make things more clear for users in the future we are going to make a rule following along the lines of this : "You may not attempted to bypass any blacklisted entity"
  2. teh epic frog

    Depends what you are saying. Of all time either legends of Zelda ocarina of time or Csgo. But rn definitely gmod
  3. teh epic frog

    Please follow our format
  4. teh epic frog

    I was on at the time this happened. 1 it did have a ramp up to the roof. 2 the slide was not big enough for players it was only for entities to go down for his mini game. And 3 yeah he was building in admin which it’s not allowed
  5. teh epic frog

    ??? It’s 2
  6. teh epic frog

  7. teh epic frog

    Goodbye dude. Gl in mbrp
  8. Rumor going around that this guy isn’t gay 😤

  9. teh epic frog

    Too bad he’s dead lul
  10. teh epic frog

    Denied. Not a lot of effort Also format correctly Please reapply in one week
  11. teh epic frog

    Denied. Not a lot of effort Please reapply in one week
  12. teh epic frog

    Denied. Please have a stronger app Re apply in one week.
  13. How hard is it having severe autism

    1. Azrael
    2. Copton Chill

      Copton Chill

      why ask questions when u already know answer 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. teh epic frog

    5 am
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