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  1. Dannerzz

    Had to use my phone for this because i clipped it instead of screenshots
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  3. I feel honored that you tagged me because when im done with a build im just there like "hm, idk maaan, ig its okay"
  4. Saw a wasp in my room this morning, got out to get my broom and it was gone. Couple hours later I need to use the restroom, open door, wasp is on restroom window. Shut the door, use other restroom and just sleep. Open the restroom right now to kill it, it drowned itself in the toilet

    1. Jush
    2. Yo soy Jack

      Yo soy Jack

      A bee is not the same thing as a wasp.

    3. Trofiアニメ


      dannerzz its bedtime

  5. Whoopdy Whoop


  6. Havent eaten ass in 3 days, I think im dying

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