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  1. DirtySock

    Death is hereditary.
  2. DirtySock

  3. DirtySock

    Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry ice cream?
  4. DirtySock

    Hello Ryan! I am DirtySock and I like long walks on the beach.
  5. DirtySock

    It is... but you still have to crouch.
  6. DirtySock

    Leader board is not accurate at the time of this post, Fat Loli Gang is on two of the the entry's at the moment.
  7. DirtySock

    Heyo welcome aboard the cho cho train.
  8. DirtySock

    The only thing that is illegal about this base is the fact you have to crouch threw the small tunnel.
  9. DirtySock

    Neat cheese.
  10. DirtySock


  11. DirtySock

    Well it took about a year to get validated on the forums this might be why.
  12. DirtySock

    I think @Mikey has to be on top here, mans bought a push up prop.
  13. DirtySock

    You can see me posted up on Dark RP all day/night long.
  14. DirtySock

    I play but only when I am high and just tryna have a good ol' laugh.
  15. DirtySock

    I like the damage drop off over range.
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