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    MBRP Unisec Keypads from drp Add the keypads from drp to mbrp Regular keypads suck
  2. kthat64

    DRP/MBRP bComms https://www.gmodstore.com/market/view/bcomms-radio-bind-wheel-respondents This addon could really impact the coordination between police and government classes as well as gangs to create a much more fun role to play seeing as police roles usually aren't as lucrative and fun to play as the illegal roles are. It can enhance role-play by giving police clear indications where crimes are happening and giving them the communication in order to deal with said crimes better. It can also enhance roles like the Mafia or (god aweful) Donator ranks by giving them tools such as the radio jammer or the laptop to jam/hack police communications when raiding, or better yet hack the police chat comms lure some of the lesser brained police into a trap. The bind wheel is also a must-have for DarkRP servers as plays can put all their 'raid/mug/kidnap/whatever' binds onto one button as well as allowing them to have different presets for different roles.
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