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  1. image.thumb.png.aacbccd8303c32263ade59af89265d26.png

    1. teh epic frog
    2. Haze_of_dream


      i heard their were some juicy pd updates

    3. Haze_of_dream


      I'm making the pd base in singleplayer rn

  2. Real individuals remember him

  3. so i heard y'all are breaking the law.


    don't make me return

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    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Voided deleted his reply smh

    3. Gurm


      This really isn't a threat the only thing you knew how to do was make laws that eventually got removed because they were against the rules

    4. Haze_of_dream


      you mean got removed because rooster was pissy about my roleplay.


       i mean i don't blame em, prevented the shekels from raining in.

  4. I like how this forum has dissolved into people trying to ePower and ban appeals for a server they'll mass rdm asap.

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    2. Gurm


      I like how you talk shit about how bad the server is but you still take the time to get on the forums and post things

    3. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      I like how gurm gay

    4. Haze_of_dream


      Those two have no correlation with each other whatsoever, That was a really poor attempt. not to mention. That's exactly what CRITICISM is.

  5. When u coming back to find more loopholes in the pd system 

    1. Haze_of_dream


      faster than hitler rising through the ranks

  6. 16:45:54 - [Admin] Voided Out: haze is gay and irrelevant

    1. Voided Out
    2. Hitlar


      idk if u sucky sucky ten bucky, but you are irrelevant at this point

  7. "If you open your eyes and let go of the hate, You will see the truth". - Samurai Jack

  8. Shitposting isn't a warnable offense and is subjective, Spam posting is, But once message isn't spam and It related accurately to the topic. So remove it.

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    2. iReckon


      Oh you're right Haze, you're the Senior Admin... Oh wait you only got up to mod...

    3. Gurm


      Lmao the warn will not be removed it was a shitpost

    4. Gurm


      Also, you can be warned for shitposting. If you have a problem feel free to ask Rooster or someone yourself :) 

  9. Interesting way of handling admin sits. He says what he wants to say in a condescending tone and then floats above you quietly until he has finished writing the ban command. I would suggest that you listen to what the person you are sitting with has to say as this helps you to understand there side of the story not, everything can be seen through the logs.  

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    2. Howling


      i never said that i didn't do it i'm not even saying i didn't deserve a ban for reading the F4 menu over the MOTD. what i am saying is that you handled the situation badly and unprofessionally, giving me an extra 2 days ban also shows how you can't stand to be opposed or criticised by someone. Its not like i'm going to come back little T-mod so have fun with that ego of yours.  

    3. Haze_of_dream


      Obviously you are incapable of arguing about this properly and not to mention SIT can ban for a max of 16 hours, My higher ups extended It and obviously felt the same.


      That last sentence is exactly where your attitude got you. Good day.

    4. Fletch


      It's pretty simple? You're not allowed too use any other gun besides the Nomad when playing as the alien class.


      He didn't need your side of the story, you broke a basic rule and you're going too get punished for it.


      Next time read the MOTD

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