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  1. Haze_of_dream

    This doesn't break any e2 rules, that's just chat spam.
  2. Haze_of_dream

    Good thing supports dont mean anything on a report. Make an actual point, contribute evidence or dont bother commenting on a report.
  3. Haze_of_dream

    Then explain the cited rules, it does not exclude pd or its members. Making ad hominem arguments without refuting the actual points isnt making your side any stronger.
  4. Haze_of_dream

    Funny, upper mamagement has stated its already aos regardless of laws. Ontop of that, if thats the case, explain the cited rules. Just because pd can arrest doesnt mean their lethal force option are invalid. No caveat in the rules state that whatsoever.
  5. Haze_of_dream

    Your in-game name: Haze_of_dream Staff members name: Soy! SteamID: You have a roster. Explain what happened: Ivory experienced a classic PD bug where users are often failed to be properly released from police after serving a sentence, I simply shot Ivory as it was the fastest way to fix it. During the sit, Soy misinformed that PD are NOT allowed to kill for users trespassing on PD property under any circumstances. Government Official rules, Bullet point 1: Government officials are only allowed to base in the PD. General Guidelines: You may KOS (Kill on Sight) anyone on your property without prior warning or KOS sign. (The word property refers only to the area within your base.) By common sense deduction, PD counts a base, even specifies it as such, the above states that you can shoot people who trespass onto your property. Evidence:
  6. Haze_of_dream

    +support I don't know him personally or alot, but from some in game experiences. I certainly think he has the mentality and fire to take on this position.
  7. Haze_of_dream

    -support Exclusively negative experiences from you, My sits with you also confirms your lack of rule knowledge as well.
  8. Haze_of_dream

    as the sit was already lost the arrest is irrelevant, what worries me is chris making up rules on the spot and disregarding existing ones.
  9. Haze_of_dream

    Your in-game name: Haze_of_dream Staff members name: IMCHRIS SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29137540 Explain what happened: Not only did chris ignore the rules i generously copy/pasted for him as a reference and rebuttal (claiming that you need a warrant to arrest on private property, which isn't true) but he then proceeded to jail me because of lack of evidence POSTSCRIPT: I also forgot to mention during the sit, the area Soy was owning was being advertised as basically a 'chill space' (anyone allowed) Evidence:
  10. Haze_of_dream

    I never got the code from the mayor i switched to a different server after getting bored, Regardless, It still passed the two minute requirement rendering your 'ltap' invalid, regardless of whether you agree with it or my leave was reasonable or not.
  11. Haze_of_dream

    LTAP doesn't apply after two minutes, i stayed for roughly 5-8 minutes. if not longer because i was talking to the mayor asking for the code. You should know this.
  12. Haze_of_dream

    He was tazed after the 3rd warn.
  13. Haze_of_dream

    Your in-game name: Haze_of_dream Staff members name: Excil SteamID: STEAM_0:0:194488598 Explain what happened: I joined yesterday for rough;ly an hour, in that time, i did no arresting and only did one kill. I came back trying to afk mine for the day, INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH, I was banned by the ONLY PERSON I SHOT THAT DAY. In other words, Excil not only claimed rdm on what was clearly a 3 warn kill, but took his own sit by banning me. Evidence:
  14. Haze_of_dream

    I have little inclination to believe Ivory in the targeting department, considering me merely joining the server prompts Ivory to host a 'say I if you want haze banned', the proof and your behavior during this thread only confirms my conclusion. Very hypocritical.
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