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  1. Hello Jmanp, I saw on the ban appeals section in the forums that my ban appeal was no longer there. May I ask why?

  2. Miskie I got banned because my brother Mass RDMed on the SWRP server i was wondering if i could get unbanned because I didn't do anything wrong. I have his old account and I can give you that one.

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    2. TeddaTheMan


      Fuck them, if they have passwords or anything it means you can

    3. CTOmo


      They Don't they want everyone to have access to everyone's accounts.

    4. TeddaTheMan


      Well then they will have to deal with it 

  3. That was a False ban by the way Jmanp

  4. im on the team speak and i meggaged u

  5. Am I allowed to do two applications in one day

    1. Miskie


      Depends on the reasoning

    2. CTOmo
  6. What do you mean accepted and applied 

    1. MattGamingYT


      i mean you have 2 applications and one of them was accepted already

    2. CTOmo


      that one was for jedi this one is for staff

    3. MattGamingYT
  7. hey you said to contact you for my rank

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    2. baller1315
    3. CTOmo


      shouldnt i be able to whitelist since im a battalion general

    4. baller1315


      you are whitelisted

  8. Can u Ban Fixer for Mass RDM he is on the main sever now killing  evryone


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