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  1. Garry's Mod 2021-01-23 20-58-52.mp4 Garry's Mod 2021-01-23 20-58-52.mp4
  2. OG Mudbone

    Have you guys found anything out? I swear on everything I love that we did /advert kidnap before every single kidnap but in the logs it cut off all the adverts before 10:00. I literally have a bind for my adverts, I wouldn't skip out on clicking 1 key to get an 8 day ban. Not that dumb. Please let me know, we want to get back on the server. Unless there's something I have to type other than "/advert kidnap", I didn't break any rules and this is just gay. We're both sitting here like "what did we even do, we adverted everything" and your guy's plugin is broken or something so we can't even defend ourselves with the logs. sucks.
  3. OG Mudbone

    https://youtu.be/ru2GlmdfGss here’s the video link that he posted on my bro’s ban appeal. It only shows a specific timeframe of our adverts, but shows our kidnaps from all day. I was chimp named Rodney, my bro was white privilege. I have no idea why, but something is wonky about the logs. We definitely wouldn’t mass RDK and get banned. we were enjoying playing by the rules and it’s basically the only server we play
  4. OG Mudbone

    If you guys discover a problem with the logs, we would be grateful to be unbanned. We were genuinely following the rules. Until then I understand we have no proof of the matter, but thank you for bringing it to insert's attention. Hope you guys can find something, because we dindu nuffin ~chimp named rodney & white privilege
  5. OG Mudbone

    Okay thank you for at least recognizing it. We have been playing all day and I think that when you log on it will only show you a portion of the advert logs, but all day's worth of kidnapping logs. Let me know what you guys end up finding about this. I would really like to continue playing on this server and not have to wait 8 days, but I understand you are just doing your job.
  6. OG Mudbone

    my bad, forgot about the name change. Anyway, please look at my response to your video on my buddies appeal. Something about those timestamps is not right. the kidnaps are being counted from like 5, but the adverts only couting from 10:00 ish forward.. We have adverted EVERYTHING, swear. Please look into this further.
  7. OG Mudbone

    Your timeframes don't match up. The kidnap counter seems to be longer than the advert counter... We have been adverting all day but you can only see the ones maybe since you have logged on or something? I don't know, all I know is that we adverted and it is only showing you ones from 10:00 ish forward
  8. OG Mudbone

    @Dannerzz I'm "chimp named rodney" and when you pulled up my adverts and knockouts in this video, pay close attention to the time stamps! The 4 times I adverted line up with the 4 times I kidnapped. All the ones before 9:58 you don't have advert logs for but I adverted every single time. Is it not loading them because of the time difference??
  9. OG Mudbone

    Bro, I need to know what I actually did wrong.. I did /advert kidnap before EVERY SINGLE baton swing and waited 10 minutes between. If there is any proof, it is in the chat all day of me adverting my kidnaps. Please tell me if there's something I'm missing when it comes to the adverts. I was following the rules 100% I promise. What can I do other than type /advert kidnap before every kidnap? Is that not how it works, or is something broken and they are not showing up in the logs??? If I did something wrong, I will accept my ban, but someone please explain to me why my /advert kidnap before each one is not justified. I don't want this to happen again but please don't treat me like I'm someone who would intentionally break the rules. I have been reporting sits all day to clean up the rule breaking on the server. I was confident I was doing everything legitimately as I should've been. @Dannerzz Just because you banned me, I really have to ask you. It appears it has become a common problem, but why wouldn't my "/advert kidnap" show up for you on your advert logs? I got banned, yet I adverted every single time I kidnapped. Even if you didn't see it, can you explain to me WHY you wouldn't see it if I actually typed it? Please help
  10. OG Mudbone

    I only bludgeoned when I adverted though, and never once swung the baton without advert and 10 minutes between kidnaps and 20 minutes if it was the same person. I was 100% confident I was following the rules. I don't get it
  11. OG Mudbone

    IGN (In-Game name): Chimp Named Rodney Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:46157593 Banned by: Dannerzz Ban date, time & length: 1/14/21 at roughly 9:50 pm (8 day ban) Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server): RDK x11 Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for😞: I'm not saying that the ban was false, I'm just very confused and that is why I am appealing. I have been kidnapping people all day today and before each and every single kidnap I would type "/advert Kidnap" in chat before knocking anyone out. I followed all the guidelines during the kidnapping process, and then after each one I would type "/advert over".. The admin banned me for kidnapping 14 people with only 3 adverts but I don't understand how this is true. I was genuinely adverting everything I was doing and someone Admin was unable to see that or acknowledge it. Again, I'm not saying the admin is wrong or anything, I just don't understand how I typed "/advert kidnap" each time as human trafficker and still get banned. I have been having a lot of fun on the server and was strongly considering donating, but not if everything can be taken away at an instant when I was being mindful of all of the rules while playing. Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied. Just saying "check the logs" / I have witnesses isn't evidence): I do not have evidence other than chat logs of me saying "/advert kidnap" all day, but I would really like you guys to look in to this and explain to me what I was doing wrong or if typing out your adverts and waiting the cooldown periods is not all you need to do. Please unban me.
  12. OG Mudbone

    didn't know he was busy with something, didn't break any rules, and didn't cause any harm. Wrongfully banned, get the fk off my appeal you turbo virgin.
  13. OG Mudbone

    I didn’t break any rules though bud, and not once did I feel like I was breaking the rules because I read them thoroughly. Did you even read the rules? It says NOWHERE that you can’t kidnap certain people. The admin had also selected a role in the RP so I figured he was part of it.. No rules were broken = wrongfully banned
  14. OG Mudbone

    What I responded to your sad troll attempt has nothing to do with me getting wrongfully banned you tool
  15. OG Mudbone

    Don’t care. You’re worthless kid. Hope your family dies in front of you.
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