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  1. Hi mr popo miss you xoxo - Love Andy

  2. Remember when we started as staff together? Then you changed bruh

  3. Hello

    I am currently in possession of a large amount of jah coins that I cannot move to my bank account. If you could provide me your banking details, I'm sure we could come to an agreement for which you could keep a percentage of the jah coins.

  4. If the Ankat and worlld situation isn't that bad then whats the point of the staff guideline rule that you have to respect everyone?

  5. Bruh why did u deny that appeal ? it's pretty obvious little bruh quenton mass Rdmed smh my hair

  6. W o a h very good custom rank bro bro very unique bro fr bruh

    1. Zombie


      shut up copton you clown

  7. What the fuck happened to you?

    I remember when you first became a Staff and you were all cool and shit and ever since you became manager you've been stuck up and fucking cocky as hell. You've changed for the worst.

    Anything happens and you act bitchy about each situation for no fucking reason lmao.
    Fake much?

    1. Exld


      Power makes people act how they shouldn't. 

      There are people who are good with power and people who take it and run with it. 

      He took it and ran with it. 

    2. Voided Out

      Voided Out

      Have a nice day rebzay.

  8. When you have more rep points than gurm

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Thunder


      When fesh smells like fucking eggs so his opinion doesnt matter.

    3. thorobred


      when you just don't get rep

    4. Thunder


      When thorobred suck big pp 

  9. congrats on manager voided. 😃

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    2. Jazen0115


      Lol who am i? A fucking legend. 😂

    3. Gurm


      You coming back or what?

      Also how is Matthew doing haven't heard from him in ages

    4. Jazen0115


      Ye im back. And idk we dont talk anymore.

  10. Lol nice fucking explanation on why this playermodel is blacklisted 

    10/10 voided 


    1. Exld
    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Because we are cleansing ourselves from the cancer known as anime ( I’ll wait for the triggered weebs)

    3. drangia!
  11. dude i love dream theater... im going to their concert when they come to cali


    1. Voided Out

      Voided Out

      nice man... they're a good band. Have fun when you go to see them

  12. Edgy Profile Picture.

    1. thorobred


      don't you know he is edgy in general?

    2. teh epic frog
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