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  1. the 911 never works i want to see it again its been around a year

  2. I'm hoping on mbrp right now baby

  3. i haven't seen the 9 11 animation that thing is mor broken then the McDonalds ice cream machine 

    1. Nota


      It's been removed.

  4. i just LOST $60,000,000 IN DAM COIN FLIPS 


  5. i make clan bases if anyone want one i got you 

    1. sad memes

      sad memes

      I’ll pass for now but thank you

  6. i dont like furrys and if you looked at my discord you would know why 


    1. Slure*


      my discord is tidepodeater69#9405

      hit me up


  7. i be making them stack of meth and some other drugs i sold that meth for $5,000,000


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