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  1. it's hard to believe she is 30 she types like i did when i was 15/16 💀

    1. SaintG4Life


      and now you are 17 

    2. xd lol

      xd lol

      @SaintG4Life how dare you reveal that ellie is a minor now @Pickle Rickツ will groom her 😔

    3. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Well I don’t mind, stealing bread. From the moths of decadenceeeeeeee

  2. -support

    doxxed like 10 people

    acted inappropriate towards minors

    caused drama for literally no reason

    weird asf




    1. Cholo Gaming

      Cholo Gaming

      fat mak redemption ark????



    2. famq


      -support cause ellie said so

  3. +support

    miss this user, come back 😢

    was chill

    always had a lot to talk about

    always wanted to learn and improve on self

    cool dude

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    2. sad memes

      sad memes

      Also improving yourself and not being a prick is gay as hell.

    3. Dark
    4. ellie


      jesus christ

  4. ellie


    toxic user

    victimizes himself when he's in the wrong

    has caused numerous issues with staff and other community members


    stay clear of user, he has mental issues and is in the middle of recovery. he has a history of taking his issues out on other people.

    will change this when he has.

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    2. Gecko



    3. Nota
    4. Zombie


      Mbrp staff really went downhill after sweatshop left huh :(

  5. merry christmas 

    1. Gecko


      imagine having a warning point by the damn rust dev L + BOZO + RATIO

  6. hey man, next time u make a ban appeal provide a screenshot of the ban message so it doesn't insta-denied. just a suggestion!

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