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  1. Whoever hasn't played any of the LIS games isn't a real man/woman.

    1. fesh


      ur right

      im just a hamburger

    2. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Well, those women aren't even a real object then!

  2. Welcome back! Nice app btw :3

  3. @JukkoStop getting more reps than me pls ty

    1. Jukko


      its a prank dw

  4. BicBoi > Staff > Players> Ex Staff > Teta the shit

    @Teta The Man

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    2. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      rofl feelsbadman

    3. TeddaTheMan


      At least I kept minges away from the server, I take a shit ton of sits when I'm by myself,and sometimes I'm not even by myself, @Feshwas spectating me other than doin his job which is taking sits like wtf

    4. fesh


      Spectating and making sure staff do well is actually partially my job.

  5. Stop being stupid, stupid.

  6. Wemen am i rite boiz?

  7. Notice me senpai

    1. Nutla


      notice me

    2. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      He noticed me c:

    3. TeddaTheMan


      I want to be the noticed

  8. Is there any God out there like for realz?

  9. Restart the eco already :)

  10. Stop being stupid, stupid.

  11. Can't wait to lose my 178 mil 

  12. I'm such a Saint ^_^

  13. Talking about stupid people ^

  14. What does it take for you and your retarded friends to just fuck off our server and forums???

  15. Aye i'm a EXTREME member :D

  16. This APG addon will probably rekt all the prop abusers for good. Thanks @Miskie <3

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