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  1. Abandoned me without a warning smh

  2. is big gay

    1. thorobred


      easy now he likes dead people 

    2. Exld



      i smell necrophilia

  3. sex + corpse fetish

  4. I love this CRP trail mod

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    2. thorobred


      so you coming back or what 

    3. Hollow


      Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice messaging system the recipient you are trying to reach can not pick up right now please try again later.

    4. thorobred


      hey you fuck answer me or you like dead bodies 

  5. Why dont u follow me??

    1. GhosTy


      yo hollow where is my follow4follow retard?

    2. Deadsam


      hes UBER gay


  6. Thanks for adding me to your cc for free ❤️

    1. Kirov


      Add me to your class lmao I’ll play drp then promise

    2. GhosTy


      50$ paypal and ill tell him to add you for free

    3. Kirov
  7. this aint it chief


  8. your cc is shit 

    1. Hollow
    2. Rybrex


      my cc is shit

    3. MosesTheMeme


      Mogeko clan's shit? does you custom class have literally every M9K weapon? lmao

  9. You made mistake in my section for staff application (you wrote natural instead of neutral)

    1. GhosTy


      boi you just got rekt

    2. Hollow
    3. Hollow


      idk how to spell


  10. I miss u big megeko man

  11. Hollow

    Then idk if this is planned or not but if there is no event area maybe add one? like @lmao said an "Industrial area" but on the american side and where the road is blocked off in mexico, in that back you can add alitte area like a town.
  12. Hollow

  13. Hollow

    i have some suggestions posted for MBRP you can look at them. @Outis
  14. big boi is big boi

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