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    Later man, take care wherever you go
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    I do.
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    Moved to the correct section
  5. IsThrill

    Use the correct format next time. Locked
  6. IsThrill

    We are currently investigating into the issue. You will be notified in the discord when it's back up. Have a nice day.
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  8. IsThrill

    -Support Find the time to come back in a week. This ban is valid.
  9. IsThrill

    They are all pretty funny
  10. IsThrill

    No preference. lol.
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  12. IsThrill


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    Don't expect it to be added/fixed right away, but expect it to be done within a few weeks, as all the current bugs, and other issues that are waiting to be fixed, or added, and we're pretty busy as it stands.
  14. IsThrill

    -Support > God mode in this case was just a bug with fesh's admin system, as Thoro had logged off previously in admin mode, it kept in admin mode when logging back in and showed he was in god mode, nor showing any attempt to RP in this video. > The class he played as is restricted, but he did no harm, nor RPed as it. It was completely pointless.
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  16. IsThrill

    I had went ahead and contacted miskie about your issue, and it will be looked into. Thanks, and have a nice day.
  17. IsThrill

    We've had a blackjack system before, although the system was broken and didn't work properly, it was still nice. +Support
  18. IsThrill

    Although I know a few things about OBS, I unfortunately don't know everything about OBS, like your problem. Check and make sure your audio settings are setup properly.
  19. IsThrill

  20. IsThrill

    Since the MBRP Exhibitionist rank isn't setup properly, the auth system will not work for this rank I went ahead and set you manually.
  21. IsThrill

    Np, oh wait..
  22. IsThrill

    Moved to the correct section
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  24. IsThrill

    I mean it sounds pretty interesting if some different side effects did take place for consuming weed. It’s all just the matter of finding the right ideas, and what you think should happen for consumption. Either way, sounds interesting, and could possibly make it more unique +Support
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