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  1. Lazlo!

    bros please just think about it
  2. its time to to hit the quan

  3. Eyy its lazlo.. Watup

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    2. Lazlo!


      listen zorobred chill the fuck out brother

    3. IsThrill
    4. thorobred


      hey hey easy now

  4. bro you were before your time with the chungus meme... +rep

  5. RIP my boi, you were probably the first staff member I saw on MBRP but I never got to know you. Hope you're getting mad roblox coochie rn in gammer heaven

    1. teh epic frog
    2. Robert Frank

      Robert Frank

      He doesn't get on anymore @teh epic frog, just paying my respects to a former staff

    3. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Oh I thought he like died or something 

  6. ok who ready to play fork knife? HMU

  7. im just here to shitpost yall niggas cant stop me

    1. LevelCake Emerald.gg

      LevelCake Emerald.gg

      that's how i exactly i got my 3 day ban on the forums.

    2. Lazlo!


      omegalul got em

    3. Adolf Fonsi

      Adolf Fonsi

      Or can I? Hi, VSauce, Michael, here.

  8. Revenge rdm is always allowed

  9. yall niggas ok

  10. real niggas give other real niggas rep

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