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  1. Damplips

    man actually raided without advert... smh neutral opinion changed to -support
  2. Damplips

    I can kinda see why you would arrest them, they got money printers. I personally believe that unless you had to break into the base (ram doors) then you really shouldn't have to advert raid. But drp is weird so who knows. Neutral
  3. Damplips

    propblocked spawn? poggers +support
  4. Damplips

    We had been watching you because we were sus of cheating due to the lasering from long distances with inaccurate guns + multiple game bans on your steam account. Once you had sent in the pic of your screen with what seems to be some type of cheat hud/esp/whatever its called we had what was believed to be 100% evidence and banned you.
  5. Damplips

    what? your makin no sense
  6. thanks for helping me and bill today, we coudlve got in more trouble but you stopped us before

  7. Damplips

    Looks like a shit gang if the leader can't make a good promotion post.
  8. Damplips

    @Woona you gonna lock this or....
  9. -support Ban him for longer
  10. Damplips

    He was probably checking rdm manager. That's why he "left you in a sit"
  11. Damplips

    i dont want to seem rude but can you read?
  12. Damplips

    time to afk mine again
  13. Damplips

    fuck both yah options
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