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  1. shut yo ball lickin asss up

    1. Maze


      Yo fax?


    2. Damplips


      Yah makin me cringe

  2. He do be farting doh

  3. thanks for helping me and bill today, we coudlve got in more trouble but you stopped us before

  4. show your identity or perish

    1. xd lol

      xd lol

      i guess we will never know who he is

    2. findog ツ

      findog ツ

      been inactive for a year rip :c

  5. will you still play exhibition?


  6. Shout out to the man who stuck through wit dis for so long. Forever will be missed.



  7. Hey damp is there a way I or you can delete my staff app one of the admins told me to do it this way i forgot the name but I now know how to do it


  8. Hey, if you could re-read my suggestion again.

    I made a comment about "abort current hit" but its only for hitman and it won't cancel the hit placed by player.
    It's just aborting the current hit but that's not my suggestion.
    Suggestion was about player's who can CANCEL the hit if their current /placehit target is AFK or Admin Jail.

  9. NGL

    this is the only forum post you made i actually care about


  10. fat damplips

    1. Damplips
    2. Exld


      wait no im not toxic ur toxic pussylips

  11. We just gonna ignore how you copied my forums pfp?

    Time to die

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