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  1. Thunder

    Horrible work, whoever hired you needs to be fired. You are a disappointment to us all you sick fuck.
  2. Thunder

    -support so incredibly mingy Was horrible staff inactive for weeks on end as you said "People dont change"
  3. Thunder

    Sounds like you are a snowflake bitch.
  4. “1 week” he said 


  5. Can't say the faggot didn't deserve it. Too cocky for his own good thinking he was invincible.

  6. Imagine not having 2 top hats smh

    couldnt be me

    1. cyber


      This was a good one @Exld

  7. Thunder

    imagine making a shit map

    couldnt be me

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    2. Thunder


      Couldn't imagine, deleted my app cause i didn't want to be under a shit immature senior admin.

    3. thorobred


      people change huh


    4. cyber


      Lol that was another good one @thorobred

  8. gz

    Imagine being Thunder

    couldnt be me

  9. Imagine being miskie rn, damn just cant be me.

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