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  1. I sent you an email, please respond

  2. I sent you an email, please respond

  3. Super lowkey is a rat ngl

    1. GhosTy


      When your username is your email

      what is this? 2012?

  4. how is everybody today

    1. Tomato Smash | YT

      Tomato Smash | YT

      you may have been banned from exhibition discord but there's so many other fucking discords, i'm in like 12 and their all connected to the exhibition discord. just make a more important decision on what you post next time. 

    2. Tomato Smash | YT
    3. hayleyond@gmail.com

      [email protected]

      who the hell u think u r talking to me like that who r u dont ever talk to me like that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I should be admin

    1. Gurm


      Apply then

















































      I don't think you should be though










    2. Voided Out
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