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  1. Abandoned me without a warning smh

  2. -rep never added the rape swep smh

  3. -rep banned

    1. Zombie


      bruh what you mean

  4. ex staffgeng

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. dredlord


      suicidal staff gang

    3. GhosTy


      Retarded staff gang*

    4. dredlord


      People who dylan didn't pay so we quit staff gang

  5. If fesh turns my tab icon into a spinning astolfo plushie  ill do a face reveal and shove 300 marbles up my ass

  6. Quote


    can we get this man to stop supporting my drp apps 

    1. drangia!


      freaking pleb get out Mr resign as a moderator. 

    2. Exld


      hecking normie REEEEEEE

  7. I wonder if your rank will change to mod on the forms 


    1. XbutterD


      He just has to log in but he inactive 

    2. thorobred
  8. we miss your goatee dad

    1. Sweatshop Boi

      Sweatshop Boi

      yes we miss you ❤️

  9. Sometimes I really think how copton hasn't been demoted by voided

    1. Copton Chill

      Copton Chill

      What did I do tho ?

      Also Voided Out is DRP big manager boy.

  10. Pay the staff. We need to eat too. (Loli pussy doesn't count)

  11. Thanks for the 2 million, ez coinflip

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