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  1. RIP, you'll always be a good friend of mine.

  2. iSammy just got banned for 2 days.

    • Has been banned multiple times
    • Has harassed staff
    • Manipulates evidence to get others punished
    • Lies in sits
    • Universally hated
    • Strong distrust of staff
    • Openly admitting your goals to "purge" the staff team
    • Minge

    You know, I think I like this guy.

  3. This dude is an awfull mod.

    He abuses his powers as a mod, he will randomly no clip around through doors he also uses his physics gun to randomly move me around.

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    2. TeddaTheMan


      just because he had another staff member ban you, doesnt mean you cant report him. as long as you have sufficient evidence you good

    3. Nerdnal1


      I tried to report him.

    4. Angela Merkel

      Angela Merkel

      You tried?  It's not a challenge to make a post about a staff member. What IS hard is backing up your claims, because you may just be too angry to realize that you were in the wrong there.

  4. Congrats on getting mod, their was controversy on your application lmao :) 


    1. Angela Merkel

      Angela Merkel

      What controversy?

    2. scuffedbox


      about your profile pic and other stuff (or was idk) , but I think your cool 


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