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  1. New phone. Who dis?

    1. The Missing Creator

      The Missing Creator

      its the bill collector 

  2. does anyone even play DarkRP anymore or what?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nelson


      Are you dumb, its the biggest most active server 

    3. SaintG4Life


      no they did not @sad memes your so slow !

    4. Nelson
  3. bro?

    1. sad memes

      sad memes

      The man himself 🙏🙏🙏

  4. who here from the og times are still here?

    and please tell me how in the hell you are.

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    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      This man thoro thinks he’s an og

    3. Gingie


      Imagine lmao ^


    4. Nota


      Im not og but damn it's cool to see that a lot of yall still around

  5. This man has massive homosexual

    1. TeddaTheMan


      Cool. I’d rather not have you say I’m a homo on my profile

  6. imagine seeing scrump make a status update about juul pods

  7. hey im looking for songs to put on my e2 that im making/editing, if anyone has any recommendations please dm me or reply to this update!

  8. hello pluto

    1. TeddaTheMan


      hello tim, you might like the post i am about to make


  9. give this man his rank ples


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    2. blade2563


      what you mean dad


    3. TeddaTheMan


      you get your in game rank on here too, get itttttttt

    4. blade2563


      oh thanks dad 


  10. I’m getting your rep up boiii

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