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  1. who here from the og times are still here?

    and please tell me how in the hell you are.

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    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      This man thoro thinks he’s an og

    3. Gingie


      Imagine lmao ^


    4. Nota


      Im not og but damn it's cool to see that a lot of yall still around

  2. imagine seeing scrump make a status update about juul pods

  3. hey im looking for songs to put on my e2 that im making/editing, if anyone has any recommendations please dm me or reply to this update!

  4. give this man his rank ples


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    2. blade2563


      what you mean dad


    3. TeddaTheMan


      you get your in game rank on here too, get itttttttt

    4. blade2563


      oh thanks dad 


  5. I’m getting your rep up boiii

  6. Casual with the -31 rep

    1. Casual


      You know it

    2. Casual


      How dare you now I have -30 you evil mothafucka 

    3. TeddaTheMan
  7. what are my chances of getting staff again?

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    2. TeddaTheMan


      So the chances of me getting staff are 7:.7? Damn 

    3. Rüby


      Buy Dmod but other than that 1/100 lol

    4. TeddaTheMan


      That also depends if people want me as staff 

  8. I’m wondering if Star Wars rp is still online. I might pop up on there if it is.

  9. I liked most of your posts so you can get out of the negative rep a little bit but soon I will help you :)

  10. You wanna change my name To Teta The Shit? Please and thank you

  11. Thanks for supporting me when I can't do it for myself(cause I was removed from the topic) but yeah thanks

    1. Carmine


      No problem buddy :)

    2. Carmine


      I resigned. Rybrex messaged me after the fact and I was done with things. I actually had a resignation file on my desktop typed up since Wednesday. Rybrex didn't demote me so please don't think this happened cause he was angry I asked him to do this so don't be mad at him please.

  12. Lmao just because a ban appeal is for like 4 months ago doesn't mean you just deny it, I would ask if they have any proof,  etc. then if they don't have it, deny it. Just sayin what I would do

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    2. Carmine


      @Kegster Tagging everyone who will take your side doesn't scare me. I have seen enough as my time as staff to know that people don't work as a team. The staff aren't doing their job they are goofing around in admin land shooting each other, building things, hanging out, listening to music having fun (which is fine) but not while calls are constantly flooding in so fast as to the point where most are disappearing and they players never get the help they need.

    3. Carmine


      Some staff* I may add their are some who are great I will admit though

    4. fesh



      Anyone to continue this shit gets a forum warning

  13. Since when were you a swrp nerd, plus you don't have to be 15 anymore B

    learn how to read rules

  14. You actually working on the names? Or no

  15. Who was this person and why was he able to deny shit? lol

    1. Rybrex


      He was a staff manager. 

    2. TeddaTheMan


      Why he no ex staff?

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