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  1. Rigbe

    We have reviewed your report and it seems you are lacking evidence. If you could please provide evidence of what happened that would help us out. Witnesses are bias sorry man
  2. Rigbe

    Who are you this is the first post you have on the forums no staff experience -support
  3. Rigbe

    Really gonna miss all your bias reports have a good one
  4. Rigbe

    Welcome to the community If you would like help with anything building wise feel free to pm me on discord Rigbe#5882
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. Rigbe

    That doesn’t really matter when you have hard evidence sitting right in front of your face. Obviously it was an accident, however there is clear proof in this video. +support for staff strike I stand by my +support for a strike instead of a full demote for the sole reason that it was not intentional and it seems like Rybbon knows what he did was wrong.
  7. Rigbe

    How is this guy not e2 restricted yet +support for e2 restriction he is blatantly breaking the rules
  8. Rigbe

    Sad to see you leavin g cya
  9. Rigbe

    you seem pretty mature however you were banned in the past app is alright If you want to become staff then I think you should work on not using e2's that are against the rules... -support
  10. Rigbe

    I think a ban and restriction would suffice. +support
  11. Rigbe

    Give your own reason when +/- supporting applications or it will not be counted.
  12. Rigbe

  13. Rigbe

    someone should close this already
  14. Rigbe

    wow don't even put me in there i see how it is chump
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