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  2. Rigbe

    I'm gonna have to agree with this as well. You were demoted as a tmod... Staffing isn't for everyone If you really want to be staff then you should probably change your behavior as other players in the community say that you're still mingy Also don't sitfarm that's a big no -support
  3. Rigbe

    sup g
  4. Rigbe

  5. Rigbe

  6. Rigbe

    app is really bad no poll horrible paragraph sorry pal gonna have to say no -support
  7. Rigbe

    i agree knows the rules old friend active certified camera guy +support
  8. Rigbe

    Use the format
  9. Rigbe

    not really active got permabanned mingy You should work on your behavior ingame and don't break the rules -support
  10. Rigbe

    Moved to correct section.
  11. Rigbe

  12. Rigbe

    -support just get better at driving
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