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  1. No. your name was Exhibition RP Owner the first time i came talk you after arguing and not listening to me you changed your name several more time each time was not acceptable and i told you this but you did not listen. You were being stubborn and acting like a minge i had given you a verbal warning in which i stated "If you do not change your name to nothing related to Exhibition RP staff you will be banned" but you ignored me and kept on arguing with me. After 5mins i got you to change your name to something along the lines of "Staff abuse" or something i was ok with this so i let you go, immediately after I set you down you changed your name again so I promptly banned you for "Impersonating staff" if you had listened to me and not been stubborn you would not have been in this situation.

  2. I'm sorry, I didn't get to read your response from my post, if you can PM me than we can talk, thanks. 

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