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  1. Anal Anihilator

    IGN (In-Game name): MicroFalls STEAM-ID: STEAM_0:0:1717356639 Banned by: Unsure at this point in time Ban date, time & length: June 14th, 2019; 12:30PM GMT; Banned for 10 Hours initially Admins ban reason: LTARP Why It's False: I'm writing this on someone's behalf, their computer decided to do an OS update in the middle of playing and caused them to leave the game. Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied): https://prnt.sc/o23kj8 osupdate.txt
  2. Anal Anihilator

    Also derailment
  3. Anal Anihilator

    +Support, doesn't matter if it's your first day as a staff member, you're still not allowed to break the rules, that would be like me walking into my office drunk on the first day. Also @Agera this is about how banks took his own sit not about the RDA at this point.
  4. Anal Anihilator

    In your console run 'unbindall', this will remove all of your key bindings including movement, then go into options=>controls=>keyboard controls. When in that menu press Use Defaults, this will reset your keybinds to the default Gmod ones. Hope this helps
  5. Anal Anihilator

    -Support Looked at the logs, you broke NLR 3 times and on the third time you killed him, it does not matter if he damaged you or not. IF you are breaking NLR and you kill someone it is always RDM.
  6. Damn bro, you just got a warning from Miskie. Take that fat L

    1. Anal Anihilator

      Anal Anihilator

      I posted freeghosty on ghosty's staff report

    2. Sweatshop Boi
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