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  1. were you on the danktown server today?

  2. Shitposting peice of shit

  3. If you hate the community leave

    1. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Me and the community hate YOU. YOU should leave.

    2. fraKtic


      The community and I* Dumbass

  4. Thank you for forgetting my sins and lowering my ban, I thought you were going to keep it but you didnt so,

    Thank you very much :}

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. fraKtic
    3. Can't Stop The Rooster

      Can't Stop The Rooster

      I've been told you are known to massRDM. well if i see you banned for massrdm again. Trust me, if you thought 7 weeks was bad you'll see.

    4. Can't Stop The Rooster

      Can't Stop The Rooster

      After speaking with Miskie, didn't know how bad you actually were. Don't bother with a ban appeal. See ya in 10 weeks.

  5. I think its bullshit you were banned, I feel you although it did seem intentional I think everyone deserves a second chance and you do too. You seem like a nice guy.

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    2. QWERTY


      I'm glad to have someone back me up on this, and i saw your post it was bullshit you were banned too. and all i want is a second chance you deserve one too. 

    3. fraKtic
    4. Tyfar


      too bad he doesn't and should still be banned.

  6. "Bb why?" B flat is the 11th step  of the chromatic scale which can be referred to as A sharp also. The difference in these are the pitches. Also Bb is enharmonic to c flat. Bb is also a good note for composing jazz. For an example playing a slur from Bb to g fast makes it sound jazzy and cool. The Bb above middle c is aprox 164 hz. Also one more thing you might wanna consider. https://www.mcdonalds.com/us/en-us/careers.html

    1. fraKtic


      I hope these messages have hoped you learn more about your friend, clearly you needed to learn more about him, maybe your friendship wasnt good enough.

  7. jimmy r we still bbs ;3

  8. nep nep nep nep nep nep nep nep nep nep ne nep nep nep




    plz add me on steam :3


    1. fraKtic


      name is wafflecat


  9. Nep nep nep nep

  10. Damn only 2 posts I guess you came on here just to negative down that shit.

    "argues with people in ooc all the time" I argue w/ you. 

    1. FaZe White Knight

      FaZe White Knight

      sniff sniff salt sniff sniff

  11. Republican who doesnt cares about the lives of others.

  12. amak scu9b l0rd

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