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  1. Congratulations, on getting a life you Thot ❤️ 

  2. I think it's time for me to do it

    1. Fake


      I think he don't care


  3. @Sweatshop Boi I seen you looking at my profile 

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    2. thorobred


      hes an old mbrp manager and a good friend 

    3. Sweatshop Boi

      Sweatshop Boi

      Nooo... that wasn’t me... 😏

    4. thorobred


      so where you been all this time 

  4. "why doesent this door work"
    - thorobred 2021

    1. thorobred


      "it appears to be locked"

  5. congrats on getting addman

  6. promoted? finally!!!!1!

  7. demoted? finally!!!!1!

  8. I will try to be more healpful in the future mr. zorobred!

  9. its been so long since the days of you and me being moderators

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    2. broavs


      well for a bit he played CS:GO competitively and got really good, then he quit due to stress, at this time i played R6S and stuff like that and eventually we rejoiced over GTA, playing FiveM to this day. He's well

    3. thorobred


      I heard about the csgo stuff but never knew how it went for him, And yea five m is badass

    4. broavs


      i got into a couple niche things over the duration of my leave, learned how to do photoshop, make mods for games, learned to edit videos, etc. Me and Tobiez run the fucking ballas gang on the server its great

  10. this man is big nerd

  11. thorobred

    noob im the real manager


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