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  1. @Sweatshop Boi I seen you looking at my profile 

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    2. thorobred


      hes an old mbrp manager and a good friend 

    3. Sweatshop Boi

      Sweatshop Boi

      Nooo... that wasn’t me... 😏

    4. thorobred


      so where you been all this time 

  2. this man is big nerd

  3. thorobred

    noob im the real manager


  4. so i'm cool now?

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    2. IsThrill


      Yes. +Support I know you'll do great. I've been rooting for you all this time, now don't fucking resign or get demoted for stupid shit ❤️ 

    3. Buttered Roll
    4. floodedmarathonn
  5. hows your brother?

  6. Dont know who you are but who the fuck cares about anything that you are posting. All you are doing is just spamming comments on your own account. Its weird but you do you i guess. 

    1. Trofiアニメ


      i need 20 posts and the recommendation i got to do that was post the most random shit and im doing just that


  7. nice alt btw 

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    2. thorobred


      idk thrill didn't so...

    3. Exld



      Now check the recent ban appeal for him. "IGN: Swag Lazer"

      Shouldn't that suffice?

    4. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Shut it zorobred 

  8. rip to my trainer 

    1. Thunder


      imagine getting trained by tim


  9. why do so many people look at my profile?

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    2. GhosTy


      imagine living in a farm

    3. IsThrill


      Idk, they might of mistaken you for zoroark.

    4. Fake


      Because you are a beautiful senior admin

  10. this man was a fucking legend then died. F

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    2. thorobred


      no,he just left one day and never came back 

    3. Zay


      oh ok, thank god i always liked Rybrex. Thats odd though

    4. Rybrex


      Lost interest in games for a bit, will return sooner or later. 

  11. I wonder if your rank will change to mod on the forms 


    1. XbutterD


      He just has to log in but he inactive 

    2. thorobred
  12. are you ever going to reapply? 

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    2. MosesTheMeme


      Butter I haven't been on the server once since August 2018. My gay ass was bored and jewpid so I mass RDMed on MBRP and left.

    3. XbutterD


      now this man is a legend.

    4. thorobred


      man how things have changed i guess

  13. rip to the admin gang 

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    2. thorobred


      I'm not an admin no more 

    3. Sweatshop Boi

      Sweatshop Boi

      gimme a few months, it'll happen, the head admin gang 

    4. thorobred
  14. you should look in drp applications 

  15. how you been man 

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    2. Colt Miller
    3. Tim The Enchanter

      Tim The Enchanter

      Colt has been an avid member of the KKK since his departure of ExhibitionRP, and is currently on his way to the rank of Grand Wizard of his realm. I am quite pleased at his progress, and i wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors. 

    4. thorobred
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