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    • Has been banned multiple times
    • Has harassed staff
    • Manipulates evidence to get others punished
    • Lies in sits
    • Universally hated
    • Strong distrust of staff
    • Openly admitting your goals to "purge" the staff team
    • Minge

    You know, I think I like this guy.

  1. Oof once you fuck with the staff team they won’t like you at all 

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    2. Angela Merkel

      Angela Merkel

      Never demoted, I am a mod both on discord and the game, I've asked multiple times for my rank to be promoted here, but they haven't got to it. I was never rehired or anything, because I was never fired. Get your fucking facts straight before your harass an admin. Your ass has been blitz'd.

    3. Ching chong the chill

      Ching chong the chill

      u big gae

      why are you still replying lol

    4. Angela Merkel

      Angela Merkel

      u tremendous trany


      Y r u stil replieng lel

  2. You are a disrespectful person and constantly calling people bi-polar isn’t something very mature. So i suggest don’t speak on my name and i won’t speak on yours!



    1. Kirov


      am i wrong though? somedays you can be chill other days your calling our staff monkeys and niggers.

    2. MosesTheMeme
    3. Rybrex


      Lmfao I guess it makes him feel smarter.




  3. you got a lot of talk for someone who barely knows TOS? Dissing staff my dude doesn't look well.

    1. Original Name

      Original Name

      Please, if you don’t have something nice to say then kindly don’t talk to me, understood? :)



    2. Koromaru


      you can do that your self pence, if you got nothing nice to say shut it till you do

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