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  1. XbutterD

  2. ima kiss u the way tom brady kisses his kids

  3. Woo K Party

  4. The Madden Curse Hit AB So hard it skipped Mahomes

    1. Pickle Rick

      Pickle Rick

      Boi that's so true 

  5. bruv im being targeted on exhibitionrp 


  6. edgy pfp 

    r u ok? remember for any issues call the suicide prevention hotline

    making sure all the staff members r ok one at a time !

  7. wtf happened to you

    1. ben71380


      he done goofed butter, he done goofed

  8. Sit-->Head Admin--> Manager

    ok boomer

    1. IsThrill


      Sorry what can I say 🤷‍♂️ lol

  9. get madden on xbox so i can vs u

  10. Ay where this man even go ?


  11. Sit to Head Admin Real quick

    1. Nota


      pretty sus lmao

    2. IsThrill


      🤷‍♂️ Just I'm pretty cool

    3. Nota


      damn right you are 

  12. How's that RDM sit going ?

  13. ngl this man right here was one of the best staff I've encountered. Can we get a F in chat.

    1. cyber
    2. thorobred


      not to be mean but he was not the best by any real means

    3. Talibar Jenkins

      Talibar Jenkins

      Thank you very much friendo

  14. Your tag is yellow just like your teeth!!! 😁

  15. 1000$ when Thoro resigns his new rank will be "rEsIgNeD gAnG"

    1. thorobred


      nah man its going to be a long time before anything like that happens

    2. Buttered Roll

      Buttered Roll

      nah its gonna be ex manager gang

  16. ngl this chicken nuggets looking tasty 😋

    1. Worlld


      Lol, bro, I think the same way.

    2. Xeno


      Ew no, those chicken nuggets look a little soggy tbh. They def were not hot and crispy. 

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