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  1. Synthwave

    Minecraft is the way to go Also stay frosty finna buy a lambo considering mc’s popularity rn and the amount of money it would make
  2. Synthwave

    it’s an actual hip hop subgenre now you fuck
  3. Synthwave

    bitch idgaf nigga lmaooo
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Synthwave

    lmao f
  6. Synthwave

    why the fuck would you fucking do that shit eww
  7. Synthwave

    25 bout to turn 18 last summer
  8. Synthwave

    he’s actually following my advice lmaoo srsly making another account would be the best thing for him
  9. nigga how u still alive

  10. Synthwave

    0.034 Picoseconds
  11. your signature is bs you don't go to school because you are too busy watering your tarantulas 

  12. lmao this nigga an admin now

    1. Tyler Ravage

      Tyler Ravage

      yeah nigga, you talked shit about me being s mod and i had to change that. lmao this nigga a vip

    2. Synthwave


      n i g g a

    3. Synthwave


      U better shut that shit up b-fore i pump ur clown ass

  13. ur not allowed to change ur profile picture, revert to Kermit ASAP




    consider this a warning


  14. please change your steam profile picture im begging you

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