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  1. Synthwave

    ngl i just saw this... nigga for the 47th time I don’t make yt vids
  2. just don’t make shit apps it’s really that simple think about it
  3. Synthwave

  4. Synthwave

    I’m not a fucking loser thanks
  5. i prefer not watching anime at all that shit is wierd af weebs surprise me although I respect them for their capability of enduring such an awful Chinese cartoon
  6. Synthwave

    0.034 Picoseconds
  7. Synthwave

  8. Synthwave

    +support ye the new hud is wack sorry devs i love you
  9. Synthwave

    Ye sure next time I get on
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Synthwave

    what the fuck
  12. Synthwave

    this nigga a V I R G I N lmaoooo
  13. Synthwave

    It’s not a talent is more of like an ability but I do an extra +10 damage to weebs
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