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  1. I don't think I've ever seen you +support an application, lol

    1. Taco eater

      Taco eater

      i've given 3-4 +Supports and they were only on people that got accepted afterwards lol, i'd rather support someone that i am sure will do good like @John Papi

    2. John Papi

      John Papi

      Aww, thanks. ❤️

  2. i like that you screenshot everyone and try to prove rulebreakers.

    did you like my joke ? is that why you have it as one of your pics?

    or did you consider inappropriate.

    taken in cointext to the conversation it is clearly a joke.

  3. can this nibba get his forum rank already ?

  4. Congrats bro that’s the best bump I have ever seen

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