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  1. Mike

    DarkRP 5.3.3 Patch Notes Updated CH Bitminers Bitminers can now be upgraded via the COG wheel on the bitminer screen Disabled Damage from RTG Increased costs for bitminer components Added Quads Removed secondary killfeed Removed TagetID health bar
  2. Mike

    DarkRP 5.3.2 Patch Notes Fixed Events Fixed Pumpkin boss spawn Fixed money deductions Fixed CH Bitminers Added Mongoose for wheelspins Enabled pCasino tool for superadmins
  3. Perk

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  4. Mike

    Restart is needed
  5. Mike

    DarkRP 5.3 Patch Notes Map update has arrived, we are currently using rp_exhibition_v2 Halloween update has arrived Pumpkins will spawn around the map for players to destroy The top 5 players one the leaderboard for pumpkins destroyed will receive a permanent sledgehammer that breaks down doors and can be thrown Jason and Michael jobs have been added to the server Jason must advert “Bortles” before killing 1 person; cooldown is 5 minutes Michael must advert “DIE” before killing 1 person; cooldown is 5 minutes Updated Mugger UI Updated Mugger untargetable jobs Updated MOTD UI Updated Pack a Punch UI Updated Weed Version 2; can be accessed via the Amateur Weed Grower Job Updated Bitminers 2 to remove the rate update in chat Updated territories around the map Updated Content Pack #5 Updated Portals Updated black jack and roulette tables Updated Skeleton and Sea monster spawn Updated Dadmin Jail Pos Updated Hitman script Updated Weapon foundry Updated Admin-model for the month Updated time it takes to gain a skill point Updated custom class creator to fix errors in console Updated Holiday Vape Changed Colors Changed Sounds Updated Sea Monster job Adjusted Bite Swep Renamed job to Alligator Updated Armory so more criminal jobs may use armoy lockpicks Updated MOTD Added Weed Version 1 to the server can be access via the Weed Grower Job Added special rifle ammo Added vending machines around the map that sell special TFA weapons Added vending machines to drug dealers for them to sell their product quickly Added Contraband locker to PD Added Armory lockpick to small arms vending machine Added new logging system for staff Added Hitmarkers Added Holiday Vape to default weapons Added Refund script for server crashes / restarts Added Automod which allows passengers in vehicles Passenger must get in first and press the key 2 on the keyboard to switch the passenger seat Added Jeep to car dealer Added Airboat to boat dealer Added Asiimov to credit store Added night time sky for the remainder of the month Added dual infinity to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Balrog to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Lego M4a1 to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Silenced Lego Shotgun to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Divine Flintlock to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Deagle White Gold to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Water gun to credit and permanent weapons tab Added Advert Boards to the server Added Slot machines in casino Added 10+ Trails to the store Added Additional Delivery locations ( They will lead to vending machines and give 50-100k depending on the location ) Increased Numbers of players that can be in 1 faction 10 for each upgrade Increased size of angry midget Increased default walk and run speed Reduced cost of permanent AWP Asiimov Reduced armory lockpick cooldown to 10 seconds from 60 seconds
  6. Mike

    DarkRP 5.2.1 Patch Notes Reduced the time it takes to gain a skill point was 16 hours now is 8 hours Reduced reset price to 25k from 75k Reduced the cost of most entities by half Reduced the cost of all shipments by 25% Reduced the cost of packing a gun by 90% Added Seize rewards to bitminers Posted Poll in discord about map change Changed loading screen
  7. Mike

    DarkRP 5.2 Patch Notes Goldmember rank has been added to the server Gold Member is almost identical to VIP+ with one exception, it has access to the “Starfall Processor” If you already have exhibitionist there is no need to purchase this rank Jobs have been updated to work with the new rank Entities have been updated to work with new rank Prop protection has been updated to work with new rank Credit store has been updated to work with the new rank Dadmin has been updated to work with the new rank Added new weapon pack to the server Blowtorch has been adjusted
  8. Mike

    DarkRP 5.1 Patch Notes Bitminers 1 have been removed due to crash issues with players Added CH Bitminers Fully upgraded CH Bitminers make 2.5 M an hour Generators produce power quickly but are quite loud Solar panels need to be placed in direct light in order to work and require you to clean them every so often but are completely silent RTG generators are nearly silent but produce radiation and cause the player to take damage if they are too close to the RTG As always, all players have access to these printers Adjusted blowtorch so it doesn’t instantly break props
  9. Mike

    DarkRP 5.0.1 Patch Notes Law enforcement individuals have had a drastic salary increase all law enforcement jobs passively make 1 million an hour or more depending on the job
  10. Mike

    The HUD can be switched the original HUD in the F4 Setting found here Just click use old HUD and it will switch.
  11. Mike

    DarkRP 5.0 Patch Notes This update is an economic update!!! NOT A WIPE Made permanent weapons non refundable Made vehicles that you purchase / win non-sellable Crypto ATMs have been removed For those players who have had over a billion dollars in either your crypto wallet or regular wallet or both I will be offering money to credit compensation + permanent blowtorch In order to receive the blowtorch and credit compensation you will have to sign in here first https://hub.exhibitionrp.com/ Then either make a ticket in discord or directly message myself on discord: ( Mike )#7361 Be sure to have your steamID ready if you didn’t have more than a billion ingame I will not be issuing this Once you have received your refund I will set your money down to 800k and you can begin your grind once more. Nerfed printers by 25% Printers now take 180 seconds to print For the junkies that need to see the math Sapphire now prints 10125 every 180 seconds Emerald now prints 13487 every 180 seconds Ruby now prints 16848 every 180 seconds Diamond now prints 20250 every 180 seconds Bitcoin Value is now 844 Printer events will still double these values Opium has been nerfed by over 300% Opium no-longer requires you to sell to the NPC, just press E on the package and it automatically gives you the money Weed has been changed All Seeds besides GOD take 200 seconds to grow GOD seed has been nerfed now gives $25 per gram but after an hour it grants more money than normal growing Meth has been buffed by over 200% Delivery ( Jeff Bezos ) has been buffed by over 400% to keep up with other jobs on the server City Worker has been buffed by over 3000% Pizza making is a very rigorous task and takes your full attention to make money, that being said I have left pizza in its current state During testing over a period of 10 hours at 100% efficiency. I have been able to make over 95 mil just making pizzas alone If you decide to go down that path be warned you will be bored and burnt out from playing on the server but it is currently the best way to make money on the server. Added Blowtorch to the server Added Blowtorch to permanent weapons ( The price is set high to discourage players from purchasing it ) Fixed scoreboard for administration team
  12. Mike

    DarkRP 4.5 Patch Notes Updated UI Added option for players to switch between old HUDs and old Scoreboards Updated weapon hotbar Updated UI on mugger Updated crash screen Removed TargetUI from base gamemode Added Arena from MBRP Added Spartan models Added Halo 3 Weapons Added Halo 3 Weapons to do not drop list Added Halo 3 Props Created Tournament Arena for up to 4 players Created new workshop content pack
  13. Mike

    DarkRP 4.4.4 Patch Notes Nerfed Bitminers by 25% Nerfed Elegant printers by 25% Nerfed slots by 30-45% in some cases Bonuses were unaffected by this Increased cost of using double or nothing machine by 200% Increased cost of using slots by 150% Increased odds on double or nothing machine by 10% Increased costs of unboxing cases by 200% Increased costs of pack a punch machine that added too much benefit for little cost Effected packs Double Tap now costs 150k to purchase Rapid Fire now costs 100k to purchase 10+ Clipsize now costs 155k to purchase Added new pack a punch modifier Double Damage costs 1 million to purchase Doubles Damage on a singular weapon Max tax for mayor is now 100% Level 7 bonus for police gives a blundergat and a TRG42 Sniper Police Salary bonus level has been increased by over 1000% Max money for police to store is now 1 billion Began shrinking resources for upcoming oil rush addon
  14. Mike

    DarkRP 4.4.3 Patch Notes Added Asiimov to permanent weapons for in-game cash Added Angry midget job Angry midget can raid and mug players FearRP does not apply to the opposed as who in their right mind would be afraid of a midget Increased double or nothing price to $1500 from $1250 Reduced bonus on slots down by $25,000 Reduced damage on Blunder-Gat by 40% Bug Fixes Clipper for weed Fightclub manager not switching jobs bug Clientsided lua error in double or nothing machines
  15. Mike

    DarkRP 4.4.1 Patch Notes Removed broken weapon pack Fixed lag issue Added unarrest baton to law enforcement jobs that didn’t have one Increased default run speed
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