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  1. Did you resign?

    1. cyber


      apparently it shouldn't be talked about.


      I personally think him and Miskie are having issues currently.

  2. Mike

    Added Sewer Monster You may only base underground You are allowed to kidnap players You are allowed to raid players You may only hold the kidnapped victim for a max of 5 minutes Sewer Monsters may kidnap every 5 minutes
  3. Why did you deny people, let people have freedom of speech. Is it because I'm spamming?

    1. Mike


      We just switched out the models on MBRP. We can't switch to those police models due to the size, so I locked the thread and denied the post.

    2. Al Capone
  4. 9/10 overall score

    The best co owner out there 

    Just a funny guy

    Abuses me alot

    Would be ten but hasn't given me top ( hat )* yet - Edited by yaboi


    1. Voided Out

      Voided Out

      "Just a funny guy" pfffffft

      "Would be ten but hasn't given me top ( hat )* yet - Edited by yaboi" just get promoted

  5. So why was the suggestion denied

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Pffffffffff ur right why would we thank ex staff

    3. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      What was I thinking

    4. Tyfar


      Why would he thank the staff member's who left? That's just retarded

  6. Mike

    TV Restrictions You may not play GORE. You may not play X-Rated material of any kind You may not play Ear Rape. Fixed colors, spelling errors, and font sizes.
  7. I gave you screen shot showing hiw small the prop id text is and how small the tab menu  text was  tp show some on with my eye sight would not have ben able to read that and why is kevin gang able tou use stuoidly smal player model that have ther head hit box way abox their head and ther head where ther leggs should be


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    2. {tpz}☢zoroark720☢


      they mean back world and out date idea that only heart the people it should be protecting

    3. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog


    4. {tpz}☢zoroark720☢


      just saying all player models should have ther head hit box on there head and if the motd say model must be bigger the a washing maichine don't  came  on that small is ok


  8. good day fleshy co-owner mammal

    1. Fletch


      What the fuck is that supposed too mean

    2. MLGXenomorph#TeamXeno


      @Fletch it means good day fleshy co-owner mammal what did you think it ment

  9. He's back to Co_Owner i'm happy

  10. Mike

    All purchasable additions for custom classes Primary Weapons Price ACR 4 M4A1 6 M16A4 5 FN FAL 5 AK-74 6 AK-47 8 SCAR-H 7 Aug A3 5 AS Val 5 Vikhr 4 F2000 4 FAMAS 3 L85 7 G3A3 5 M14 6 HK 416 8 G36C 4 Winchester 1873 6 AMD-65 4 AN-94 4 Ares Shrike 8 M249 Light Machine Gun 8 M60 8 M1918 BAR 8 FG42 6 PKM 8 1887 Winchester 5 1897 Winchester shotgun 5 Browning Auto 5 4 Double Barrel 10 M3 4 Remington 870 4 USAS 10 SPAS-12 12 Jackhammer 8 Striker 12 10 Remington 7615P 6 Dragunov SVU 10 Thompson G2 Contender 6 PSG-1 8 AW50 6 Barret M82 10 Barret M98B 8 M24 8 Dragunov 8 Intervention 6 SL8 4 SVT-40 3 USC 5 MP5 5 MP5SD 5 Magpul PDR 7 AAC Honey Badger 5 Bizon 6 MP7 7 P90 6 Sten 5 Tommy gun 7 Uzi 3 UMP45 4 KRISS Vector 5 MP9 5 TEC-9 4 KAC PDW 5 MP40 4 Damascus sword 2 Knife 3 Machete 4 M1A4 ACOG 6 TAR-21 6 Crossbow 10 Secondary Weapons Price Colt 1911 2 Glock 18 4 SIG Sauer P229R 2 Desert Eagle 5 HK USP 2 HK45C 2 P08 Luger 3 Beretta M9 1 Colt Python 2 M29 Satan 4 Model 3 Russian 3 Model 500 4 Model 627 4 Raging Bull 4 Raging Bull Scoped 5 Remington 1858 2 Utilities / Extras Prices Unarrest Stick 10 Lock Pick 4 Pro Lock Pick 6 Pick Pocket 8 Keypad Cracker 5 Kidnap 10 TV 10 Speed Force 10 Crowbar 4 Hitman 10
  11. why you admin if you made the server? wouldnt you be co-owner

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