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  1. kelogs Brand

    I was making a base the other day and noticed that ladders would always disappear after about 3 seconds of spawning them in. I don't know a fix for this bug and I suspect that it is a server wide issue. If there is a fix tell me in replies until then I hope that this bug is fixed. 2019-06-10_11-32-28.mp4
  2. kelogs Brand

    I have found a solution to this problem if anyone else has it you have to uncheck the box that says area copy constrained props outside of box and it should work.
  3. kelogs Brand

    He was locking on to us the entire time and knew exactly where we were while behind cover
  4. kelogs Brand

    Before I didn't have to weld everything together... I could just right click the ground and voila.
  5. kelogs Brand

    Before the new server was released I could use advance duplicator 2 with no problems at all. Now I have to go through the pain of welding piece by piece every single block in my base. This has been a real pain and I hope someone fixes it soon. Solution: Uncheck area copy constrained props out side of box.
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