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  1. hit me up with skele king for nudes

    1. LevelCake Emerald.gg

      LevelCake Emerald.gg

      I will sell you my brother account.

  2. Natural u r bad and not good and u shuld go away

    1. Kegster
    2. LevelCake Emerald.gg

      LevelCake Emerald.gg

      i want him back to just make him mado

    3. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Yall gonna fight a lawsuit soon ;)

  3. Holy shit he's not gonna get unbanned shut up


  4. btw if you do the console thing but close console you see the whole screen <3

    1. Haze_of_dream


      I'm aware i was just lazy

  5. 29 posts from 1 thread... nice job

  6. <3


    1. LevelCake Emerald.gg

      LevelCake Emerald.gg

      Teta why tf do you have to respond anything if its already solved you don't say or quote what the other guy did just leave it to be solved


    2. TeddaTheMan
    3. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Your retardation knows no bounds

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