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  1. hit me up with skele king for nudes

  2. Natural u r bad and not good and u shuld go away

    1. Kegster
    2. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Yall gonna fight a lawsuit soon ;)

  3. you never smurfed for me on csgo u nerd

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    2. macho man randy savage

      macho man randy savage

      sorry I forgot this was a christian roblox server please accept this apology

    3. BicBoi [TC]

      BicBoi [TC]

      Aye my nibba randy wassup

    4. macho man randy savage

      macho man randy savage

      Ayyyyyy was good my dude 


  4. Holy shit he's not gonna get unbanned shut up


  5. btw if you do the console thing but close console you see the whole screen <3

    1. Haze_of_dream


      I'm aware i was just lazy

  6. 29 posts from 1 thread... nice job

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