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  1. R.I.P ❤️

    1. Fat Mak

      Fat Mak

      Why'd this user get banned?

    2. Trippy/Cardigan


      wait did he actually die?


    3. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      Been a good doosh, were still talkin these days but lots of shit changed especially for him. Poor boy


  2. Feeling cute, might kms later. .

  3. "Who is online"
    Lyren Trou


  4. Should i upload an op mbrp base today =?


  5. Yey back from vacation

  6. Yayeet, not restricted anymore oof

    1. Zombie


      you got demoted didn't you?

  7. Monthly and weekly +rep leader, i lold oof

    1. Zombie


      Not on year yet though.

    2. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      Waet for it matey its only 2 weeks sunce im bacc

  8. Yayeyyy hit da 500

  9. Feels bad that it got such an shitfest but just u know, i wouldve +vote it if ive seen it in time :3

  10. Feeling cute,

    might break down mbrps community using glitches and minging on an alt,


    1. drangia!


      Probably not the best thing to say as staff...

    2. Lyren Trou
  11. The moment when people start callin u a speedhacker bcs of an glitch u found . .


  12. sigh. . I love that glitch bois


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