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  1. R.I.P ❤️

    1. Fat Mak

      Fat Mak

      Why'd this user get banned?

    2. Trippy/Cardigan


      wait did he actually die?


    3. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      Been a good doosh, were still talkin these days but lots of shit changed especially for him. Poor boy


  2. Feeling cute, might kms later. .

  3. "Who is online"
    Lyren Trou


  4. Should i upload an op mbrp base today =?


  5. Yey back from vacation

  6. Yayeet, not restricted anymore oof

    1. Zombie


      you got demoted didn't you?

  7. Monthly and weekly +rep leader, i lold oof

    1. Zombie


      Not on year yet though.

    2. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      Waet for it matey its only 2 weeks sunce im bacc

  8. Yayeyyy hit da 500

  9. Feels bad that it got such an shitfest but just u know, i wouldve +vote it if ive seen it in time :3

  10. Feeling cute,

    might break down mbrps community using glitches and minging on an alt,


    1. drangia!


      Probably not the best thing to say as staff...

    2. Lyren Trou
  11. The moment when people start callin u a speedhacker bcs of an glitch u found . .


  12. sigh. . I love that glitch bois


  13. LOS?. . . Legion of Sensei?. . . Deutsch?. .

    1. [LOS] [PFP] Buster

      [LOS] [PFP] Buster

      Nope sorry it was a i think German MRP Server.

    2. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      Yea exactly thats what i thought. .  LOS=Legion of Sensei=German MRP Server

  14. Yawn

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      *pressing mb3, drawing my as val and shoot in ur face, startin to dance on ur corpse and say* Ligma doosh

    3. Ching chong the chill

      Ching chong the chill

      *the person in my party shoots you in the face with his baret m82 and then dances on your body*

    4. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      babyprop comes out of nowwhere and propkills ur bud

  15. Yeeey, im the weekly reputation leader yayeet :3

  16. Epicness of havin ur app accepted

    Nutla, u have a bj gud :)

  17. Epicness of havin ur app accepted

    Nutla, u have a bj gud :)

  18. when ur to lazy to make suggestions ;-;

  19. Deku ❤️

    +rep lol

    1. Zombie


      this the type of person to have only seen one anime

    2. Dragoncept


      I seen lots of anime i just don't care or know what to use as my pfp so picked random. also thx lol


    3. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou


      Most people that only seen one anime, seen some shiz like naruto, one piece, pokemon, yugioh or dragonball. .  Boku no my hero academia is quite a bit further away from the standart shiz :3

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