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  1. Nota Mehican

    Ew no. -support for reasons above
  2. Nota Mehican

    Best of luck my friend. Keep in touch!
  3. Nota Mehican

    Best of luck brand. Stay in touch with me!
  4. Nota Mehican

    Disclaimer: Ignore my forum rank I am no longer a staff member. -1 Failed to follow/read TOS.
  5. Nota Mehican

    hi grady
  6. Nota Mehican

  7. Nota Mehican

    Thank you all for the amazing comments. I love all of you "No Homo". Im glad I got to meet all of you! I'll hop on mbrp some time soon. I will never forget this experience. Nota.
  8. Nota Mehican

    It's that time again where I must say goodbye to the staff team, except there is a twist to this sad story. Im leaving the team permanently. I have a life I need to keep track of ie: I need to get a job so I can pay for rent. It's been a super fun run with you all! I will still be playing MBRP don't worry @Voren Redden. Goodbye MBRP Staff! - Nota Best MBRP Staff That are still around: @Damplips you're a real homie. Thanks for playing skyfactory 3 with me! @Brand To my trainer. I won't forget the eventful training session you had with me! Thanks for always being there for me! @maxsnipes10 By far the nicest person I have ever met! Good luck out there my friend! @Autistic Shotgun My very first trainee. This guy is a super fun dude! Im glad I got to train you my friend! @Sweatshop Boi Don't let crazypez walk over you. I truly hope your management days go well! Thanks for being a good friend! @Voren Redden You are a super chill dude and Im glad we have such a great friendship. Oh also. Tysm for the Exhibitionist I really appreciate it!
  9. You will be missed on DRP and on MBRP. You were a great volunteer thanks for the help when needed! Cya around!
  10. That moment you fall asleep at 6 30 in the morning realizing you have to watch your younger sibling at 9 am. Feels bad.

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  12. Nota Mehican

    gotta run there bud hahaha
  13. Nota Mehican

    Failed to read TOS -SUPPORT
  14. Nota Mehican

    Van city boy eh. I live near there too bud ;D
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