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  1. +Rep my nibba Tomato.

    -he lit.

    -he a massive legend.

    -he respectful.

    -he not toxic.

    -he a thot annihilator.


  2. RIP to the king, man, myth, Legend, Jahseh Onfrey, in all memories will you be safe, locked in, held tight for remembrance that when we feel un-rightfully judged, and wrongfully done. To not be a pussy ass nigga, and to truly stand up for our selfs.

    1. Tomato Smash | YT

      Tomato Smash | YT

      I just never got to it, thinking how I could say bye to  h i m, i didn't want to let it go, I kept saying look there's another way, but I just took it in and said ok, I'm fine, time to press that f, and share my respects. It's hard to let go of something you already had welded in you, something that was practically stitched to you.

  3. hey how did you get a gif as a profile pic and gif as a background?

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    2. Tomato Smash | YT

      Tomato Smash | YT

      uhh fine i will change please tell me tho

    3. Kegster


      - get small enough gif file

      - upload


    4. Tomato Smash | YT
  4. Hey dude only staff is really supposed to vote for other staff. You can put your opinions to him in dms. But don't sit there and vote please. 

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    2. Tomato Smash | YT

      Tomato Smash | YT

      my acc. was made in 2017, I have over 10+ comments so am I good or not good.

    3. Soantheprotector


      You are now. Because you have 15 in the content.at the time you had 8. 

    4. Tomato Smash | YT

      Tomato Smash | YT

      ok thanks soan also seen you in game and u dont talk much, would be great to base or sumnin

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