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  1. discordlunaa

    Yeah the Only proof you have is that he killed some people, which is not enough on its own. -Support
  2. discordlunaa

    You do know this is DRP right
  3. discordlunaa

    Super cool dude, +Support
  4. discordlunaa

    -Support for reasons above
  5. discordlunaa

    Fat +Support chill guy knows rules
  6. discordlunaa

    Only quoting cuz I’m lazy/on my phone but yeah +Support knows rules as well
  7. Forums back up that’s some gang shit😎

  8. discordlunaa

    he really didn’t do anything wrong that I can see in the video besides taking both sits in his own base which is a no no
  9. discordlunaa

    Our battle shall be legendary
  10. discordlunaa

    Y’all fuck with cricket or am I the only one
  11. discordlunaa

    Hotdogs i put bacon, relish, ketchup, mayo, and mustard burgers I go with everything (onion tomato lettuce pickles, cheese etc. im not very picky
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  13. discordlunaa

    wtfff I didnt know i was retarded my bad
  14. discordlunaa

    This problem is only occuring for me as far as I know, but heres the vid - https://youtu.be/vdvSgFHDC5Q
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