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  1. come back

    1. M.O.E



      u dont even know folk

      n he dont know you

    2. discordlunaa
  2. discordlunaa

  3. if I got a penny for every sit I took I coulda bought rust

    1. ImTheLetterE


      more like one gumball from the gumball machine

    2. Buttered Roll
    3. John Rocondo

      John Rocondo

      how many sits do you have?


  4. on my way to steal senior admin dont @ me

  5. I  thought of a really funny counter advert and I forgot it..

  6. Forums back up that’s some gang shit😎

  7. Hello protege

    1. discordlunaa


      Hey what’s up man, long time no see

  8. Whatever you are mad about isn't worth all this petty ass drama shit please stop spamming the forums with your unnecessary autism we get enough of that already

    Have a nice day sir


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