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  1. discordlunaa

    Wait so which one of us trained you, me or brand? lol. I always picked on you and stuff, but you take it like a champ, you ain’t a little bitch. Whoever trained you, they did a good job. You were a good staff member and friend. See ya around buckaroo. P.S. Remember when u sent me that vid P.P.S. Join my discord if u see me in it Also you said the N word so damn much in this what a legend😎
  2. discordlunaa

    +Support +Active in game, on forums and discord +Good Hours +Beautiful and well Written Staff App +Chill dude, not a minge +Knows rules +Staffing experience +We need active staff That's all folks. Major +Support for this guy.
  3. discordlunaa

    You can’t lockpick without a raid advert. Doesn’t matter who’s base it is. There’s no proof of it being his base anyway.. which in the sit he said it was his friends and I do have a video of that. My point is reguardless of who’s base it is you NEED. a raid advert. If your saying that they’re allowed to lockpick their own base someone could have 100 lockpicks with no raid and say “yeah it was my base” you see the problem right
  4. discordlunaa

    Good for you to resign when MBRP no longer makes you happy. I can’t bring myself to walk away after all I’ve done, yet you got way further than I did and here we are. You’re sympathy means the world to me! You were always my favorite manager for many reasons, but mainly because damp doesn’t seem like much of a manager. I would go on but it would just be me comparing you to damp, but the main point is that you seemed to actually like managing, and it made being around you fun. I wish we had gotten some more one on one time so I could have got to know you better. See you around buddy 🙂
  5. discordlunaa

    You must advert before you do any action. (Mug, kidnap, steal, warn, counter, raid, etc) An Advert of Raid is required to lockpick, reguardless of who's base it is.
  6. discordlunaa

    i dont eat candy, I’d rather eat a burger or some shit
  7. discordlunaa

    It just be like that sometimes.. I can’t speak for DRP but i know on MBRP it’s possible to follow the rules, you just have to truly know what’s right and wrong which sometimes only comes from experience
  8. discordlunaa

    -spooky -Support for spooky reasons above have a spooktastic day on spookhibition
  9. discordlunaa

    whats up jack!!
  10. I  thought of a really funny counter advert and I forgot it..

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    2. Copton Chill

      Copton Chill

      /advert (Pregnant black woman killed, crime avoided) COUNTER

    3. discordlunaa
    4. Buttered Roll
  11. discordlunaa

    love u flooded this isnt goodbye for us cuz we married but still imma miss u bc you dont call me ever
  12. discordlunaa

    ttyl fellow stoner man you were a good staff member good friend and most importantly, good at not @ me
  13. discordlunaa

    -Support for reasons above
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