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    +Support I've always known Fat Mak to be bias and bend the rules at times. I don't believe this guy is fit for a staffing position, considering this is just one of many examples of Fat Mak showing an inability to correctly staff the server. Edit: More about the report itself, you can see him and his gang are basing with the rule breaker, showing bias. Robert's message was originally about Runner Gang, but Fat Gang, mostly Fat Mak, is guilty of doing the same things as us. I'm glad someone finally shed light on this.
  2. discordlunaa

    im gonna go ahead and ask
  3. discordlunaa

    +Support for the ark. Only reason is I love that game. Too bad I broke my mic and quit games.. Anyway yeah ark is great would be cool to have an ark server so I could play w all the homies 😎
  4. discordlunaa

    it's discordlunaa bruh cmon everyone knows that
  5. discordlunaa

    no Thanks we'll check it out someone else recommended this movie to me on snap, so definitely gonna watch it funny seen scary movie recently plus it's not that funny i didnt like the other purge movies but we might watch election year, haven't seen that one, thanks
  6. discordlunaa

    auto collect gang
  7. discordlunaa

    Looking for some good scary movies. I'm sure I've already seen most of the ones you guys are gonna suggest so give me a lot. Probably just gonna fuck mia while watching them so they dont have to be that good Edit: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Disney+(do they even have scary movies idk) are all fine
  8. if I got a penny for every sit I took I coulda bought rust

    1. ImTheLetterE


      more like one gumball from the gumball machine

    2. Buttered Roll
    3. John Rocondo

      John Rocondo

      how many sits do you have?


  9. on my way to steal senior admin dont @ me

  10. I  thought of a really funny counter advert and I forgot it..

  11. Forums back up that’s some gang shit😎

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