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    Accepted User will get a 5 minute jail You on the other hand will get a 2 day ban for NLRx5 NLR is NLR, even if just to get proof.
  2. discordlunaa

    We would have to see some proof of what happened, we can’t take your word on it.
  3. discordlunaa

    Okay so, after reading an essay of reply’s and watching the video, I’m not really sure what to make of this. Staff should not be acting like how R0bert did. That’s all my input for now, I say we wait for a final decision from Damplips/Sweaty boi
  4. discordlunaa

    Looking at the video, some faggot’s kill was not RDM, as the BP was in Mexico. Mexico does not start at the end/past the Immigrations office, it is the end of the three yellow/black lines. BP do in fact need to be in a party in order to defend each other, there is no exception for government. With that said, +Support
  5. discordlunaa

    Doesn't bother us as much as you think it would. Haters are my motivation !1!!1!!111!
  6. discordlunaa

    Denied Not enough proof, not to mention you rdmed him in the video as well? And KOS at border is not allowed.
  7. discordlunaa

    +Support +Enough Hours +Good Paragraph +Knows Rules +Active on forums/discord/in Game +Very Chill Dude, Not a Minge (And my Husband) +Staff Experience +/- Support +/-Previous Punishments -Support -Accepted Staff Report(s) <Maybe multiple?? Overall, this dude changed for the better. +Support
  8. Why don’t people want cars? That’d be pretty bad ass
  9. discordlunaa

    Fattest bruh moment ever.. did drangia really leave his manhack gun? Bc that seems like a pretty big fuck up lmao
  10. discordlunaa

    Accepted User will be punished
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. discordlunaa

    Hey buddy
  13. discordlunaa

    A question mark
  14. discordlunaa

    For discord you go to the #ranks channel and put proof of your rank, on here you should automatically get it after logging on in game, if not message a manager + about it in discord
  15. discordlunaa

    You still owe me that 100 mill.
  16. discordlunaa

    Yeah what server is the money for?
  17. discordlunaa

    Yes, a raid is an RP reason to destroy stuff.
  18. discordlunaa

    No your money is completely safe from bank raids
  19. discordlunaa

    Cool dupe, Will save me some time in the future, thanks!
  20. discordlunaa

    Ah, I wasn’t too sure what he meant, thanks for clarifying.
  21. discordlunaa

    Like the ocean?
  22. discordlunaa

    -Support, no slack should be given.. and welcome btw
  23. discordlunaa

    Started playing early January, but I started playing MBRP around March. I started as a silly DRP player.
  24. discordlunaa

    +Support +Active in game +Active on forums/discord +Knows rules +Not a minge, in fact a really cool person in game +Pretty app +Staffing experience -Support -Previous punishments Overall, +Support, Make this man staff! And good luck on your app!!
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